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The Latest in New Products Packaging Resource Center Packaging Resource Center NEW PRODUCTS • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News November/December 2014 40 Sterile Syringe Production A new production line for sterile syringe systems went into operation this year. The new line produces Gx RTF (Ready-To-Fill) syringes to meet the diferent customized requirements of biotech and ophthalmic applica- tions. "The applications for ready-to- fill syringes are becoming increasingly extensive and diverse," stated Bernd Janas, Vice President Sales Syringes at Gerresheimer Syringe Systems. The fourth production line is located in a brand new production bay at the com- pany's competence center for ready- to-fill syringes in Bünde (Germany). Process improvements include the avoidance of glass-glass and glass-met- al contact through the use of pick-and- place and segment transport systems. In addition, washing and siliconization processes have been optimized, and camera-based quality inspections have been introduced to identify cracks the size of a fine hair. Gerresheimer, Needle-Safety System An automatic staked-needle safety system has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA. According to the company, the NovaGuard SA safety system helps reduce the risk of needle- stick injuries by shielding the exposed needle of a prefilled syringe after use. "With increased global emphasis on preventing the spread of bloodborne infectious diseases, there is a need to develop and implement safer systems and practices in healthcare facilities worldwide. This includes adopting devices that can help reduce the risk of infection caused by needlestick," stat- ed Graham Reynolds, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, West Phar- maceutical Services, in a news release. The NovaGuard SA safety system fea- tures a tamper-evident needle shield feature and a safety mechanism that prevents pre-activation of the system. West has increased its manufacturing capacity at its facility in France, where more than 1.5 billion similar safety systems have already been produced, the company reports. West Phar- maceutical Services Inc., www. Ultra-High-Barrier Film When incorporated into a laminate, a new ultra-high-barrier film technol- ogy can achieve moisture, oxygen and vapor barrier properties approaching those of aluminum foil laminates with- out the use of foil. Flexi FoilFree HB barrier laminates offer flex-crack and puncture resistance properties when used in place of foil, while also pro- viding easier "tear-open" properties over foil-based substrates. The com- pany states that packaging employing Flexi FoilFree HB barrier laminates improves yield and is lighter weight versus comparable foil substrates, yielding lower greenhouse gases and requiring less energy consumption in manufacturing and distribution. Pack- aging produced with Flexi FoilFree HB film reportedly retains its defined appearance even after processing and handling, eliminating the shop-worn appearance that is typical with foil based packaging. In addition, a two- or three-ply Flexi FoilFree HB composite will provide comparable oxygen and WVTR barrier properties to more- traditional three- and four-ply foil based laminates, realizing improved mate- rial cost. The ultra-high-barrier lami- nates provide improved barrier over that of typical metallized barrier films. Ampac, A dual-lane packaging line integrates both blistering and cartoning modules in less than 10 meters. Devel- oped to process all com- mon solid dose products and forming materials for medium batch sizes, the Blister Express Center (BEC) 500 produces up to 500 blis- ters per minute at a maximum for- mat area of 200 × 284 mm. When running on both lanes, the machine can handle up to 500 cartons per minute at a maximum size of 80 × 90 × 155 mm (A × B × H). Uhl- mann Packaging Systems, www. Blister Machinery

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