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The Latest in New Products Packaging Resource Center Packaging Resource Center NEW PRODUCTS 39 November/December 2014 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News • Print-Friendly Foil A p u s h - t h r o u g h f o i l f e a t u r e s a smooth, high-quality printing surface and a print primer that accommo- dates all current printing technologies and inks. Primera Lid Foil has been given full release by the Swiss print- ing solutions company HAPA for ink systems 26, 38, 39, 78 DOD, 78 Web- jet and 80 ULP, making it the first and only primer to achieve a release across this many systems, while con- tinuing to deliver premium results on standard rotogravure, flexo, UV-flexo as well as CSAT, Wolke, and Atlantic Zeiser systems. According to Andrea Della Torre, R&D Pharma Director at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Ameri- cas: "We are very proud to help our customers in their supply chain sim- plification efforts. Indeed, they are able to reduce both their logistics complexity as well as their working capital requirements, as they can now have a single Primera Lid Foil, where in the past they may have needed to source up to three different primer systems." The company maintains 68 plants in 21 countries. Amcor Flex- ibles Europe & Americas, www. Blister Foil A blister solution substituting tradi- tional PVC with a special polyeth- ylene desiccant layer is designed to provide protection against moisture cross-diffusion (egress and ingress). Constantia DryFoil is compatible with a broad range of PE-based lid- ding materials that run on standard coldform blister lines. According to the company, line integration is made even more turnkey through the company's technical support team, which is available to help guide cus- tomers in using the solution in the most efficient, economically benefi- cial fashion. "A wide swath of phar- maceutical products are increasingly moisture sensitive—which is the rea- son why absolute moisture protection becomes so significant for the indus- try," states Frederick J. Lutz, Region- al Sales Manager North America, Pharma Division for Constantia Flex- ibles. DryFoil ofers a highly reliable alternative for moisture management in coldform packaging. The company ofers technologies and services such as laminating, coating, rotogravure and flexographic printing, metalliz- ing, holography, slitting, in-house graphics preparation, and cylinder engraving. Constantia Flexibles, visit A lightweight low-profile tube and closure solution was developed to improve sustainability, logistic effi- ciencies, and costs. According to the companies behind the tube, brand owners selecting the tube would not have to change their filling opera- tions nor would consumers need to change their usage behaviors. Featur- ing a snap-on tube head weighing as much as 30% less than a similar- sized traditional tube head, the tube also employs a 2-in. (50-mm) eco low-profile flip-top closure made by Italian closure manufacturer Giflor that weighs 50% less than a simi- lar-diameter traditional closure. The resulting Eco low-profile tube/clo- sure solution is a minimum of 20% lighter than traditional combinations holding the same volume of product, the companies report. Because the low-profile PE tube head uses less resin than tradi- tional solutions a n d t h e n e w l o w - p r o f i l e P P closure uses up to 54% less resin than its tradition- al counterpart, there is an over- all material sav- ings of 30%. A reduction in tube length translates into significant logistic efficiencies because users can pack up to 25% more tubes in a carton and more tube/closure solutions in a truck, potentially reducing overall freight costs. TricorBraun Design & Innovation Group, a business unit of TricorBraun, www.tricorbraun. com; and Silgan Plastics, www. Low-Profle Tube

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