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Page 25 of 43 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News November/December 2014 26 Clinical Trials Packaging Clinical Trials Packaging: Not Just Packaging Anymore T he market for clinical-trials pharmaceutical packaging and distribution has grown in recent years and is expected to keep expanding, accord- ing to those working in the industry. By all accounts, clinical trials have become more complex, more expensive, and more global in scale, and companies involved with drug development, packag- ing, distribution, and supply-chain man- agement continue to invest in facilities and technology to meet those demands. The actual packaging of clinical-trials supplies, while important, is now just one link in a long supply chain whose com- plexity has grown exponentially in recent years. Companies that once concentrated narrowly on packaging and labeling, or drug delivery, have since broadened their focus to include full management and oversight of the larger, now-worldwide clinical-trials supply chain, from assis- tance with developing the product itself to delivering it, packaged, to patients at clinical sites—and in some cases, to patients' homes. (See sidebar on p. 28.) Of particular significance and impact is the rise in targeted medications, espe- cially biopharmaceuticals (or "biologics"), delivered to patients in parenteral forms and requiring very controlled, exacting manufacturing, storage, and distribution. The STATe of The MArkeT: GoiNG GlobAl In characterizing the market for clinical-trials pharmaceutical supply management, the term used by indus- try insiders most ubiquitously is glob- al. Clinical trials themselves are more international in nature than they have ever been, and the products required for these studies are traveling as far as tens of thousands of miles to sites as remote from the United States as Asian and Afri- can locales. Jeremie Trochu, strategic marketing director for development and clinical services at Catalent Pharma Solu- tions (, which recently invested in a new clinical packaging facil- ity in China, points to the "record num- ber of clinical studies underway globally," which require "broader capabilities and Catalent's new clinical packaging facility in China. Pharmaceutical packagers are evolving into end-to-end supply-chain management partners for clinical trials. By Maureen Kingsley Freelance Writer

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