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18 • Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News November/December 2014 DESCRIPTION: A subsidiary of Germany-based Medipak Systems, Rondo-Pak specializes in the develop- ment and production of high-quality cardboard packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to providing high-volume standard folding cartons and customized pack- aging solutions for all types of applications, Rondo also offers related services such as assem- bling top-loading folding boxes. FACILITIES: In addition to Rondo-Pak Inc.'s facilities in Norristown, PA, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Rondo AG operates production plants in the Czech Republic and Allschwil, Switzerland. Rondo is part of Medipak Systems, the Pharma Systems business area of the Körber interna- tional technology group. Körber unites more than 11,000 professionals in approximately 50 industry-leading companies, achieving annual earnings of more than two billion Euros. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Rondo-Pak offers a wide range of folding carton styles, including top load, reverse tuck, straight tuck, seal end, crash lock, auto bottom and patented design. This family of sophisticated cartons provides solutions for: • Child-resistant & Senior-friendly packaging • Compliance packs • Tamper evidence & Anti-counterfeiting (overt, covert and proprietary) • Supply chain security & e-Pedigree • Clinical trials • Sustainable / Green packaging Rondo-Pak also produces partitions, displays, dispensers, trays and cards for the pharma- ceutical industry, and offers package design, development and engineering services. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: • Rondo-Pak opened a new manufacturing and distribution facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The location offers premium climate- controlled manufacturing and warehousing space, and gives Rondo-Pak a foothold on an island known for its flourishing healthcare products manufacturing industry. The facility makes Rondo-Pak an attractive option for pharma manufacturers seeking a reliable new supplier, as well as those looking for a strong secondary supplier to help minimize risk. Rondo-Pak also will use the facility to manufacture folding cartons, and has plans to expand the plant's production capabilities to include other printed packaging components. • Rondo-Pak developed a carton that can be equipped with multi-media consumer engagement features, including a thin, lightweight HD video screen – complete with sound – seamlessly integrated into a standard or custom-designed carton. Blending both print and digital content, the cartons also can contain digital watermarks on web-enabled outer packaging, providing additional product info or special offers to consumers via smartphone right at the point of purchase or use. Rondo-Pak Rondo-Pak 900 Madison Avenue Norristown, PA 19403, USA Tel: (800) 254-0731 Fax: (610) 666-9755 E-mail: Web site: Key Personnel: Victor Dixon, President & COO Steve Hreshko, VP of Finance & Administration Richard Leppert, VP of Global Business Development Ed Bani, Technical Service Manager

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