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Contents Cover Story 28| 15 Agents of Change in Medtech These people, concepts, companies, and organizations are shaping the future of the industry. MD+DI STAFF 36 | Micromolding 101 As medical device parts and features shrink, the micromolding processing window narrows, creating a host of manufacturability challenges. JEFF RANDALL 40 | Stake Your Claim in the Patent Gold Rush Amid record medtech patent issuances and changes in patent law, companies would be wise to rethink their patenting goals and strategies. DAVID J. DYKEMAN AND MICHAEL A. COHEN Up Front 8 | From the Editor 12 | NewsAnalysis The new venture capital investment reality for medtech. Plus, a trendsetting acquisition by Covidien. 16 | R&D Digest FDA approves a new bionic arm from Dean Kamen. The first implantable sleep apnea device comes to the United States. 22 24 June 2014 Volume 36, Number 6 The Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs in Medtech See which engineering positions in the medical device industry earn the biggest salaries. Is 2014 the Kumbaya Moment for Life Science Companies? Healthcare players are realizing that keeping patients healthy across the continuum of care requires a greater degree of collaboration than ever before. Three Tips to Fast-Track Your Product Development You don't have to sacrifi ce quality for time when developing medical devices. On the Cover: Design by Richard Antony. Image by CATENARYMEDIA/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM, MATTJEACOCK/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM, KYKYPY3HUK/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM, POGONICI/ ISTOCKPHOTO.COM, MRPLISKIN/ISTOCKPHOTO. COM, ANTHIACUMMING/ISTOCKPHOTO.COM. MD + DI MEDICAL DEVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC INDUSTRY JUNE 2014 | 7 40 Columns 18 | Washington Wrap-Up Good riddance to former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius. JIM DICKINSON 22 | Product Development Insight Don't make these human factors mistakes in your medical device designs. JAMIE HARTFORD 24 | First Person What don't medical device makers do because they've figured out how to get away with not doing it? WILLIAM A. HYMAN 26 | Inside Look AliveCor is working to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. CHRIS WILTZ 50 | Infographic A look at executive compensation in medtech. Resource Planning Center 42 | Eye on Suppliers 3-D printing from prototyping to finished products. BOB MICHAELS 44 | Products and Services The latest in components, equipment, services, and supplies for the medical device industry. 48 | Marketplace 49 | Advertisers Index ES451794_MD1406_007.pgs 06.05.2014 04:54 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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