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MD + DI MEDICAL DEVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC INDUSTRY JUNE 2014 | 45 Peristaltic Pump The Miniflex peristaltic pump from Thermo Fisher Scientific delivers an expanded flow range that tops out at 370 ml/min, enabling researchers working in bioprocessing environments to dispense fluids in both low and high volumes with high levels of repeatability, precision, and accuracy. Suited for applications requiring precision in liquid transfer, metering, sampling, or filling at various flow rates, the pump features an enhanced pump system, a small footprint, versatility through tubing options, and an ergonomically designed pump head based on a design already established by the manufacturer. Continuous tubing reduces the risk of contamination and leakage. This peristaltic pump is available in single- and dual-channel versions, supporting the development of a custom pump head and drive configuration for a specific application; custom color choices also are offered. The instrument's over-center cam design and automatic tubing retention system allow quick tubing changes without adjustment. Thermo Fisher Scientific Barrington, IL Catheter Steering Technology Shifamed LLC has engineered a technology for steering catheter systems that can be customized to address the requirements of structural heart, left-atrial-appendage closure, and peripheral and neurovascular catheter applications. The proprietary coaxial steerable technology, supplied as an alternative to pull-wire systems, offers the physician precision and control for delivery in complex anatomical areas. It currently accommodates catheters in the size range of 4 to 16 Fr and allows catheter tubes to have larger inner diameters with reduced overall wall thickness by comparison with pull-wire catheters of the same French size. The technology's patented coaxial design enables catheter system tips to be deflected without being subject to the inherent limitations of traditional pull-wire based deflection systems, including poor torque response and whipping of the catheter tip during rotation. Coaxial steering provides 360° torque control, making precise placement possible and removing the need for multiple-plane steering. Shifamed LLC Campbell, CA Power Supply Series with Medical IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 3rd Ed. Approval GTM43033-06 6 Yes 3000m - - GTM41134-06 6 Yes 3000m - - GTM41061-18 18 Yes 3000m Yes Yes GTM41080-18 18 Yes 5000m - - GTM91120-30 30 Yes 3000m Yes Yes GTM91099-60 60 Yes 4000m Yes Yes GTM41133-90 90 Yes 5000m Yes Yes GTM43004P120 120 Yes 3000m - - ...for more click GTM41076 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM21089 18 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM21096 18 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM41060 25 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM21097 60 Yes Yes - Yes GTM2065 65 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM2065 85 Yes Yes Yes Yes GTM9100P 100 Yes Yes - Yes GTM9200P 200 Yes Yes Yes GTM91110P240 240 Yes - - - GTM9250P 250 UL/EN 60601-1 2nd Edition GTMB1057 50 UL/EN 60601-1 2nd Edition ...for more click ITE Versions also Available. ISO 9001:2008/ 13485/14001 Cer tified Watts 2X MOOP Operating Altitude IEC 60601-1-11 Home Heathcare Risk Management Report Watts 2X MOOP 2X MOPP IEC 60601-1-11 Home Heathcare Risk Management Report Model Series ES450985_MD1406_045.pgs 06.03.2014 02:41 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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