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[ Feature ] 8 Tube News • June 2014 lized, but they can be expensive," says Lebeault. "As an alternative, we can hot stamp a thin ring around a cap, such as 6 mm of a 25-mm-high cap, and get a metallic look at a fraction of the cost of metallization." Viva exhibited the new capability at Luxe Pack, asking whether attendees "need more pop." Lebeault also points out another big trend—the growing importance of sus- tainability. Viva's Desert Essence tube was a finalist for the green award at Luxe Pack. "The tube is 100% polypropylene and is fully recyclable without having to separate the cap from the tube," he says. "Natural organic brands like Desert Essence are now c o m m u n i c a t i n g the fact that their t u b e s a r e 1 0 0 % P P . A l l c o m p o - nents of the tube are manufactured and printed under one roof in our plant in Toronto, avoiding extra logistics for the supply of the various c o m p o n e n t s . T h i s also plays a strong part in reducing lead- times. Getting tubes faster and faster is also a strong requirement from retail and brands, now clearly supporting domestic manufacturing." ■ Moving from Extruded to Laminated Tubes Laminated tube technology has evolved, and some of the concerns from the past around the appear- ance of the seam and decoration have been eliminated, reports Wendi Caraballo, marketing manager for Essel Propack. The company can offer Inviseam tubes with 360° deco- rations that offer seamless looks to their tubes, she says. "Combine this with high-end decoration capabili- ties that can reproduce photo-qual- ity, life-like images and a range of barrier options to choose with lami- nated tubes, and brand owners ben- efit from taking their brand from an extruded tube to a laminated tube." Caraballo argues that compa- nies would find cost benefits as well, because "for similar-looking deco- ration, there are multiple-stage pro- cesses like label making and applica- tions that are used when making an extruded tube that can be eliminated when moving to laminate." She goes on to say that the "laminate process is quicker and cost effective, especially when vertically integrated tube mak- ers like Essel Propack make their own laminates in larger quantities." Bodycology Playful Romance by Viva XXXTQBOQTDPN ".VUMJ1BDL4PMVUJPOT$PNQBOZ ES444074_TN1406_008.pgs 05.23.2014 03:56 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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