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[ Feature ] June 2014 • Tube News 7 for additional effects, Jackson says. For Crabtree & Evelyn, Albéa used a silver ABL tube printed with a pastel color and a front panel floral design to compliment the formula's ingredients. "ABL tubes can also provide an old-fashioned or retro look, because it looks like aluminum," says Jackson. Unilever recently launched its Tresemmé Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner using Essel Propack's Egnite laminate. "This tube is a new- generation pinnacle of technology, innovation, and sustainability," Cara- ballo told Tube News. "This tube's deco- ration creates a masterpiece package with high luster and reflective index, which commands an excellent shelf appeal. The high-end look allows for this package to sell on its own without a need for outer packaging." As mentioned earlier, Viva is now developing caps with metallic effects. "Caps can be typically vacuum metal- See us at HBA Global, Booth #H401C In an effort to simplify package development, Albéa is now producing its integrated airless Tube + Pump in North America. The company's neutral Nea dispensing pump is produced at its molding plant in Thomaston, CT, then assembled and sent to Reynosa, Mexico, for applying the pump to the tube. "We have invested in duplicate molds, the same as those we use in our European operations," says Doug Jack- son, Albéa's market manager, North America. "We can manage supply in both regions, so now for North America we can reduce project and supply-chain complexity and support quicker product launches," he says. For instance, lead times in package development can be shortened, espe- cially if custom colors are involved. "We don't have to send caps, actuators, col- lars, or other samples from Europe or wait for redo time," says Jackson. Deco- ration technologies include silkscreen, offset, hot stamping, and more. The Nea is available in 1 in. (25 mm) and 13/16 in. (30 mm), in both metal and plastic options, with 150 μl and 250 μl dosage engines, Albéa reports. Suit- able for cosmeceuticals and other sensi- tive formulas, the pump provides 360° application, precise, consistent dosage, and efficient evacuation. Jackson says the locally produced airless pump tubes allow brand man- agers to "adjust for surges in the mar- ketplace and be able to react to supply and demand. Today, brands are run- ning projects faster and faster, which can make things more complex. The best way to manage such projects is with local supply." Albéa Producing Airless Tubes Locally ES443834_TN1406_007.pgs 05.22.2014 22:29 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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