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[ New Products ] 12 Tube News • June 2014 Metal-Ball Tubes A family of tubes features metal balls engineered to provide a cooling and massaging effect while enhancing formula benefits. The five-product range features diameters from 16 to 50 mm and capacities from 5 to 250 ml. The range includes solutions for precise application for small, localized body areas, as well as larger areas where fast and efficient application is needed. Body care, facial care, eye contour- ing, and local applications are some of the markets covered by the new family. The metal ball tube family was awarded the "Plastic Tube of the Year 2013" from the ETMA (European Tube Manufacturers Association). The elliptical Ellipse Triball and the cylindrical Body Triball are 50-mm-diameter tubes, for body applications such as slimming, sooth- ing, and healing formulas. Their three-ball massage system supports formula penetration, and an on-off system allows controlled dispensing. The Trio Tube with a diameter of 19 mm is suited for use as a massage tool for medium-sized areas such as for eye- and facial-contouring and antiblemish formulas. The Artist Roll-On 2 combines a massaging and cooling effect with the most precise application in the family. It is available in 16-mm and 19-mm diameters, for applications such as concealers, eye-contouring, and local treatments. Its one-ball massage system ensures formula efficiency and offers control for very local application. Ellipse Triball and Artist Roll-On 2 are also available with plastic balls. The company develops such solutions in its Innovation Center in Gennevilliers (France). Further, they are all produced in Albéa factories, except for the Artist Roll-on 2 applicator, which is produced by Albéa supplier Zeller. Albéa, Digital Decoration A system decorates sleeves and tubes using multiple technologies. The new Poly- type RDA 24-165 Hybrid for decorates plastic tubes with either or both ink-jet and dry-offset directly followed by over-varnishing. While ink-jet printing technology has enjoyed a very fast paced development, there are still many requirements for tube decoration that cannot be met with just simple-pass ink-jet technology, such as the sharp-edged small text as well as uniform full color ink lay down at high speeds, reports the company. The RDA 24-165 Hybrid machine platform combines the positive features of both printing processes, for example, high print quality for images with digital and sharp small lettering with excellent full color surfaces with dry- offset printing. The machine offers a wide variety of decorating possibilities with 6-color digital and 8-color dry-offset printing stations, at production speeds up to 165 tubes per minute. "With requirements from consumers becoming more and more sophisticated, combining processes like digital and dry-offset is the future. Each tube manufacturer wants to produce something unique, allowing them to stand out from the competition. A platform like the RDA 24-165 Hybrid combines the best of both worlds: the need to accommodate high-volume work coupled with the ability to customize products on a small or large scale depending on the customers unique requirements," said Jason Turner, Sales Manager at Polytype America Corp. The first two RDA 24-165 Hybrid machines integrated into fully automated production lines will be delivered later this summer to one of the most dynamic plastic tube producers in Europe. Polytype, Enviro-Friendly Tube A new tube offers a source-reducing opportu- nity. TricorBraun partnered with Silgan Tubes to develop a unique, HDPE snap-on tube head weighing as much as 30 percent less than similar- sized traditional tube heads. TricorBraun also has the exclusive rights in North America to Italian closure manufacturer Giflor range of products that include a new, Eco low-profile flip-top clo- sure that weighs 50 percent less than a similar- diameter traditional closure. The low-profile tube/closure solution is at least a minimum of up to 30 percent lighter than traditional combina- tions holding the same volume of product. The solution is a seamless drop-in on brand owners' production lines, who do not need to adjust their filling operations. Likewise, the change is transparent for consumers, too, because the performance of the low-profile tube is no different from that of a traditional tube––flip the closure open and squeeze the tube, the company reports. The Eco low-profile tube/closure solution is now commercial in a two-inch diameter version, with other sizes to be added. Tricor- Braun Design & Innovation, ES443836_TN1406_012.pgs 05.22.2014 22:29 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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