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emdt.co.uk European Medical Device Technology Spring 2014 | 67 operating-mode selector switch enables clear separation of setup and test modes, and the interplay between electronic and mechanical safety components and the testing software maximises protection for the user, specimens, test data and testing system. System electronics feature a data- transmission rate of 2 kHz, advantageous for fast tests, tests involving short, brittle specimens, and tests for tear growth, adhesion and peel. A comprehensive accessory package is available for each machine. Zwick Testing Machines Ltd Leominster, UK +44 1568 615 201 www.zwick.co.uk Testing Device for Ventilators IMT has recently developed a compact and mobile testing device for ventilators, the CITREX H4. The product is intended for mobile use and designed to meet the requirements of day-to- day field operations. It can be used in productions plants or calibrate ventilators in hospitals or in homecare. The newly devised measuring method allows precise, bidirectional flow measurement with low measuring resistance. All the relevant respiratory parameters are quantified and calculated. The device measures flow (± 300 sL/min), volume, four pressures, temperature, and oxygen concentration. The system is able to process 13 gas standards and 6 gas types: Air, Air/O 2 , N 2 O/O 2 , Heliox (21 % O 2 ), N 2 , CO 2 ). Imtmedical AG Buchs, Switzerland +41 81 750 66 99 www.imtmedical.com Content Licensing for Every Marketing Strategy Marketing solutions ft for: t Outdoor t Direct Mail t Print Advertising Logo Licensing | Reprints | Eprints | Plaques For more information, call Wright's Media at 877.652.5295 or visit our website at www.wrightsmedia.com Leverage branded content from European Medical Device Technology to create a more powerful and sophisticated s tatement about your product, service, or company in your next marketing campaign. Contact Wright's Media to fnd out more about how we can customize your acknowledgements and recogni tions to enhance your marketing strategies. t Tradeshow/POP Displays t Social Media t Radio & Television ES432731_EMDT1405_067.pgs 04.30.2014 22:55 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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