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show preview: MEDTEC EuropE device attachment and wound-care applications. When combined with a backing that exhibits a high moisture vapour transmission rate, the breathable adhesive allows excess moisture to pass from the skin, reducing the risk of maceration. In addition to its extended- wear benefits, the waterproof gel minimises trauma both during the time a dressing is worn and upon its removal. It is suitable for applications involving sterilisation by gamma irradiation. Scapa Healthcare Stand 5A64 Mobile cleanroom Spetec GmbH offers a mobile cleanroom cell as an economical alternative to a complete, structurally permanent climate- controlled working environment. The cell is made from anodised or acid-resistant plastic-coated aluminium profiles and can be set up in any laboratory, production area or office without the facility structure having to be affected. A full cleanroom workstation can be installed in the cell, which can achieve cleanliness to the US Class 100 standard. The cleanroom booth itself is surrounded by a PVC-strip curtain to create a sealed unit from which laminar airflow prevents ingress of impurities from the outside air, and the profile technology allows users to customise the size and shape of the booth completely within a maximum potential area of 150 m 2 . The effective clean working area can be varied through combination of individual laminar-flow modules of various sizes. Even production lines, conveyors and packaging machines can be integrated into the mobile cleanroom. Spetec GmbH Stand 7E66 Catheter shaft technology Teleflex Medical OEM, which specialises in custom-engineered diagnostic and interventional catheters, among other products, has added to its portfolio of catheter shaft capabilities a continuously wound, variable-pitch, coil-reinforced shaft technology with a high-density- polyethylene (HDPE) liner to minimise internal friction. This technology gives OEMs options for achieving precise performance characteristics along the catheter shaft and improving kink resistance, while enjoying assembly economies. The reinforcement technology eliminates the possibility of weak joint bonds in manufacturing catheters with a rigid proximal end for pushability and For information on exhibiting or attending, please visit ubmcanon.com/medical Your Direct Connection to the World of Medtech North and South America Europe and Asia BIOMEDevice San Jose December 3–4, 2014 San Jose, CA BIOMEDevice Boston May 6–7, 2015 Boston, MA Pharmapack North America June 10–12, 2014 New York, NY OrthoTec Europe September 24–25, 2015 Zürich, Switzerland Pharmapack Europe February 13–14, 2015 Paris, France MD&M Texas May 7–8, 2014 Fort Worth, TX MD&M East June 10–12, 2014 New York, NY MD&M Brazil August 26–27, 2014 São Paulo, Brazil MD&M Chicago October 15–16, 2014 Schaumburg (Chicago), IL MD&M Minneapolis October 29–30, 2014 Minneapolis, MN MD&M West February 10–12, 2015 Anaheim, CA MEDTEC UK May 14–15, 2014 Olympia, London, UK MEDTEC Europe June 3–5, 2014 Stuttgart, Germany MEDTEC China September 25–26, 2014 Shanghai, China MEDTEC Ireland October 1–2, 2014 Galway, Ireland MEDTEC Italy October 8–9, 2014 Modena, Italy MEDTEC Japan April 22-24, 2015 Tokyo, Japan MEDTEC France June 10-11, 2015 Besancon, France MEDevice San Diego September 9–10, 2014 San Diego, CA ES430789_EMDT1405_056.pgs 04.29.2014 03:29 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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