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innovation Spherical Nucleic Acids Spot Breast Cancer Cells Scientists from Illinois-based Northwestern University have devel- oped a technology to spot spreading tumor cells. To catch the breast cancer cells, the researches use spherical nucleic acids (SNAs)—gold nanoparticle cores coated with short strands of DNA. "We've taken perhaps the world's most important molecule, DNA, rear- ranged it into a spherical shape, and modified it to detect specific molecules inside cells. These struc- tures naturally enter cells and light up when they detect disease- causing molecules," according to Chad Mirkin, who heads up the research team. The researchers hope to develop the technology into a commercial diagnostic device. Massachusetts-based Merck Mil- lipore has already marketed the method for use in research labs. Ibis Technology Diagnoses 800 Pathogens in a Single Test At the International Conference for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicines, Abbott introduced its Ibis Technology, which is still in development. Report- edly, the test is able to diagnose more than 800 bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens using a single test from one clinical sample. Abbott claims that the technol- ogy yields test results within just six to eight hours. In the clinical environment, where the number of hospital- acquired infections (HAIs) is soaring, this technology could be a game changer. Plastibell Pharm Pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries Ophthalmic, orthopedics surgery, dialysis, analysis · 2 000 sqm of clean room ISO 7 and 8 in France, Mexico, Poland · Innovation and co-design: medical devices, technical parts · Overall project management · Development, engineering and trial center · Integrated tool-making · Injection molding*, assembly and packaging lines (*20 to 350 tons clamping force machines) · Quality Insurance ISO 13485, ISO 15378, ISO 9001 DTP Holding SA Ð Plastibell SAS ZI La Plaine - F - 01580 Izernore Tel. + 33 (0) 474 491 480 contact@plastibell.com - www.plastibell.com Iftest AG | Schwimmbadstrasse 43 | CH-5430 Wettingen Tel +41 56 437 37 37 | Fax +41 56 437 37 50 | www.iftest.ch | info@iftest.ch Your partner for + electronic development + printed circuit board design + prototypes & industrialisation / NPI + electronic production MEDTEC Europe | 3 – 5 June 2014 Stuttgart | hall 3, stand F22 ES430852_EMDT1405_048.pgs 04.29.2014 03:31 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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