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Powder & Bulk Solids, May 2014

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Powder & Bulk Solids 10 M a y 2 0 1 4 TechnologyReview Cable-Operated Safety Stop Control Booth 2734 - The Model RS safety stop control is a heavy-duty safety stop control that provides a quick positive shutoff of dangerous equip- ment in emergencies. It is actuated by a cable pulled by endangered personnel. The outputs of the Model RS can control up to four separate circuits and can include one for ma- chinery shutdown and one for alarm. The Model RS was developed to meet the stringent requirements of safety agencies throughout the world. It is ideal for safety-minded operators of conveyors, production lines, elevator equipment, assembly lines, material handling systems, cranes, etc. The standard construction of the unit is corrosion-resistant aluminum hous- ing, complete with stainless steel hardware and a red powder coated actuation handle. The actuation shaft is made of stainless steel. Epoxy coat- ing is also available if required. The general-purpose models are UL Listed NEMA Type 4, 4X for ordinary loca- tions. Explosion-proof models are UL Listed for use in hazardous locations NEMA Type 7, Class I, Groups C and D, and NEMA Type 9, Class II, Groups E, F, and G. These Model RS controls are also CSA Certified. Conveyor Components Co., Croswell, MI 810-679-4211 www.conveyorcomponents.com EZstrip Cake Pump Reduces Downtime EZstrip has revolutionized the way in which PC pumps and associated products are Maintain-in-Place (MIP), reducing a day-long maintenance op- eration to a few hours. The EZstrip cake pump features a specially de- signed feed chamber that can easily be disconnected allowing access to the rotating assembly. The rotor can be separated from the conveyor, allow- ing removal of the rotor and stator, all within its own assembled length. With a quick and easy way to disassemble, maintenance time is reduced by more than 93% for significant cost savings. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH 877-486-6966 www.moyno.com Why buy a copy wen you can ge the original? DMN, Incorporated 870-733-9100 dmnfo@dmn-inc.com The Original Rail Valves For more than two decades the DMN rail valves have proven themselves reliable and efective in a broad range of sanitary and many other applications. The easy detachable rotor can be removed in a few short minutes to facilitate thorough inspection and cleaning. The extraction mechanism ofers unmatched operator safety and provides the line operators with considerable flexibility in cleaning and maintaining their equipment between production runs. The stability of our cast metal extraction mechanism ensures that the rotor can be easily moved in and out of the housing without damaging the housing or the rotor blades. For the genuine article: Call 870-733-9100 dmnfo@dmn-inc.com COMPONENTS FOR BULK SOLIDS HANDLING DMN Original Rail Valves: O fen imitated; never duplicated orated 00 n-inc.com ginal Rail Valves • Hygienic, USDA Dairy Accepted • Conforming to EC 1935/2004 directive for sanitary use • Clean in place (CIP) suitable compliant to EHEDG Type EL Class I • Conforming to ATEX 94/9/EC • Explosion shock resistant • Flameproof suitable for St2 products • Enlarged inlet • Rotor Interference Detection (RID) system • Wide range of rotor options Multiple, application specific versions available: y e: • The Original Rail Valves for Easy Clean in Place application • Drop through or blow through airlocks • Application specific models to meet demands of several • Slide rails for easy and safe removal of rotor and end cover • Less downtime for significant cost savings • Maintenance free construction • Increased operator safety www.dmn-inc.com Visit us at the Powder Show booth #1238 Crushers and Rigimills for Sanitary Size Reduction These crushers and rigimills have been used successfully to solve sanitary size re- duction challenges in the food, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries. Many times the process or product characteristics require materials to be deagglomerated or re- duced in size. Crushers and rigimills can be used for many different size reduction applications. MPD has a sanitary, easy-to-maintain solution for most size reduction applications including being USDA dairy approved. Machine and Process Design Inc., Anoka, MN 763-427-9991 www.mpd-inc.com Size Reduction ProductFocus ES425007_PB1405_010.pgs 04.17.2014 20:48 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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