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Powder & Bulk Solids, May 2014

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e x h i b i t o r h i g h l i g h t s Special Advertising Section 71 M a y 2 0 1 4 FIBC and IBC Packaging Systems Booth 2634 - For more than 34 years, Custom Equipment Design has continually set the standard for easy to maintain, durable, and adaptable semi- bulk packaging equipment. Custom Equipment Design machines handle the world's needs, whether it's food-grade, pharmaceutical, chemical, petro-chemical, agricultural, or mining products. CED provides the ultimate qual- ity and performance in the FIBC/IBC pack- aging market. Custom Equipment Design Inc. www.cedpackaging.net Drum Inverter Within an Isolator Booth 1256 - The drum inverter within a glovebox isolator allows a drum of dry material to be safely opened and inverted for discharge while protecting the operator from any airborne material. The full operation of opening the drum, docking to a discharge nozzle and closing the drum occurs using glove ports and automated processes. The glovebox isolator contains the process and protects the worker from the dust hazard. Custom Powder Systems www.custom-powder.com CB-Series Blend-Veyor Booth 2506 - The CB-Series is a vacuum loaded semi- dense phase blender and conveyor with a capacity of up to 80 TPH. It is best suited for multiple sourced, powdered, granular, or pelletized abrasive materials that are friable. The medium pressure blowerair is used to venturi-vac- uum load and convey two or more mate- rials at lower line velocities and higher material-to-air ratios, minimizing abrasive wear and particle degradation. Cyclonaire www.cyclonaire.com The Future of Drying is Here Booth 1931 - Dedert introduces the revo- lutionary magnetic rotary atomizer. The innovative patent pending design, based on magnetic bearing technology, will increase capacity and performance and add greater flexibility in producing dried powder, while reducing maintenance cost and power consumption. Dedert atomizers are tailor-made and can be offered for both new and retrofit applica- tions. Dedert Corp. www.dedert.com Precise, Reliable Metering Booth 2815 - FLSmidth's rotary cutoff metering valve has a special v– notch rotor opening and continuously modulating actuator and provides accurate flow control of pulverized mate- rial. Numerous applications include: silo loadout to trucks/railcars within total ton- nage goals; precise control to other equip- ment, with 4-20ma signal feedback; and field conversions from rotary cutoff valve to rotary cutoff metering valve. FLSmidth Inc. www.flsmidth.com Explosion Protection Solutions Booth 3519 - Since 1945, Fike Corp. has been a leader in industrial protection solutions; offering protection to people and assets. Fike offers a complete line of explosion protection products including explosion isolation (active & passive); explosion suppression; explosion venting and flameless venting. Fike understands industrial processes, dust collection con- cerns, relevant code compliance, and how critical continued plant operation is. Fike Corp. www.fike.com Original Rail Valves Booth 1238 - For more than two decades DMN rail valves have proven themselves reliable and effective in sever- al sanitary applications. The easy detach- able rotor can be removed in a few short minutes to facilitate thorough inspection and cleaning without damaging the hous- ing or the rotor blades. This extraction mechanism ensures operator safety and flexibility of cleaning and maintaining equipment during production runs. DMN Inc. www.dmn-inc.com Gentle Pneumatic Conveying Systems Booth 1405 - Dynamic Air is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of pneu- matic conveying systems and process equipment. Each Dynamic Air system is cus- tom-designed to provide a conveying solu- tion that fits the process perfectly. Dynamic Air systems handle a wide range of dry bulk materials from silica sand to sugar and bulk densities at rates from 500 lbs/hr to 450 tns/hr, over distances to 6,000 ft. Dynamic Air Inc. www.dynamicair.com Xtreme Metal Detector Booth 2015 - The Eriez Xtreme metal detector blends simplicity and sophistication with its easy-to-navigate con- trol with extra-large color interface. The Xtreme metal detector boasts a completely re-designed and incredibly user-friendly interface. Highlights include full QWERTY keyboard, robust auto set-up, dedicated reject log, and vivid display. The Xtreme metal detector offers greater sensitivity with its multiple frequency range and vibration immunity. Eriez www.eriez.com Explosion Protection Solutions Booth 3635 - Since 1959, Fenwal-IEP Technologies has provided explosion protection solutions to the industry, protecting people and criti- cal processes from dust explosion hazards while helping customers meet regula- tions and standards such as the OSHA Combustible Dust Directive and NFPA 654. Fenwal-IEP Technologies has the products and experience to provide the right solu- tion for explosion protection needs. Fenwal-IEP Technologies www.ieptechnologies.com ES425669_PB1405_071.pgs 04.18.2014 20:32 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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