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e x h i b i t o r h i g h l i g h t s Special Advertising Section 70 M a y 2 0 1 4 Size Reduction Equipment Booth 1261 - Atlantic Coast Crushers manufactures and sells crushers, lump breakers, pulver- izers, granulators, comminutors, and other size reduction machinery for the chemical process indus- tries. Atlantic Coast Crushers specializes in designing crushers and lumpbreakers - machinery that uses impact to shat- ter chunks, lumps, and agglomerations formed from friable materials. Atlantic Coast Crushers Inc. www.gocrushers.com Wireless Radios Booth 1845 - Kistler- Morse has announced the addition of InvisiLink wireless radios. InvisiLink wireless radios elimi- nate the need for expensive and cumber- some wiring, cabling, and conduit materi- als. Communicating via RS-485, RS-422, or 4-20mA when used in conjunction with the Kistler-Morse 4-20mA converter, mul- tiple signals from sensors across a bank of vessels can be consolidated into one digital signal. Kistler-Morse www.kistlermorse.com Bin Activator Booth 2725 - Brabender has installed more than 20,000 bin activators worldwide. The type BAV 04 is the latest in design with high efficiency to induce flow out of a silo without transmitting vibration into the silo structure. The highly flexible polyurethane sleeve and spun cone provide the efficiency. Standard sizes available are 2 ft diam to 6 ft diam, 304 SS contact parts. Brabender Technologie Inc. www.brabenderti.com Powder Flow Tester Booth 2745 - The Powder Flow Tester is the ideal instrument for manufacturers who need to eliminate expensive downtime due to hoppers failing to discharge bulk solid materials. Perfect for characterizing new formulations, adjusting composition to match established products and charac- terizing temperature and humidity effects. Cost effective powder flow testing incor- porates easy to use intuitive software for graphing and defining flow properties. Brookfield Engineering Laboratories Inc. www.brookfieldengineering.com Flash Dryers Deliver Booth 3720 - Crown's milling flash dryer uses low-pressure jet milling principles and a no moving part design to deliver discrete and fine end products. Crown's milling flash dryer yields finer products than mechanical flash dryers. Short resi- dence times protect temperature sensitive products. Crown Iron Works Co. www.crowniron.com Self-Cleaning Plate Housing Magnet Booth 1837 - The Bunting self-cleaning plate housing magnet incorporates powerful rare earth magnets to reliably and consistently remove metal from flow-resistant materials. The design of the Bunting self-cleaning plate housing magnet makes it applicable to hard-to-flow products. The new magnets are automati- cally self-cleaning and can be equipped with control packages. Bunting Magnetics Co. www.buntingmagnetics.com Wet Powder and Filter Cake Drying Booth 1218 - The Carrier Vibro-Flash dryer processes wet powders and filter cakes that are too fine for a tradi- tional fluid bed dryer. The Vibro-Flash will also handle wet feed materials that can include large agglomerates, frozen lumps, rocks, or other contaminants that would otherwise have to be screened out or milled prior to drying. Stop by the Carrier booth to learn more about the company's products and capabilities. Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc. www.carriervibrating.com Dual Rotor Crusher Booth 3811 - The Carter Day/Jacobson "Half Nelson" crusher is a new dual rotor crusher with quickchange screen removal without removing ductwork, revolutionizing process flow crushing. The "Half Nelson" crusher (HNC) machine fea- tures intermeshing pins and fixed sidewall combs that work together for maximum size reduction. The new design maintains a low profile unit which is important when minimum head room is required. Carter Day/Jacobson www.carterday.com Robotic Valve Bag Placers Booth 2231 - Chantland MHS engineers and manu- factures bagging systems for long term reliability under a wide range of operating conditions, placing gusseted and non gusseted poly, woven - laminated poly and paper open mouth and valve bags. The robotic valve bag placers shown place bags on two fill- ing spouts each at speeds of 18 bags/min and are capable of placing bags on three spouts each. Chantland MHS www.chantland.com For complete product information Call Toll Free 1-800-263-7782 or VISIT OUR WEBSITE TODAY! Manufacturing Diverter Valves and Gates Gravity Diverter Roller Gate Slidegate Discharge Valve 2 Way Diverter Slideflex Diverter Maintenance Gate www.lorenzproducts.com PTXi Powder & Bulk Solids 2014 – Booth #2325 Bulk Storage Tank Systems Booth 3211 - CST Storage offers experienced, fast, and economical construction with a proven track record of stor- age success. CST's BulkTec storage systems are engi- neered to withstand abrasive materials and provide the longest service of any tanks. CST offers: flexible designs with expandability options through dedicated, in-house engineering staff; truck-through and train-through silos make logistics easy; and bolted pan- els and welded tanks. CST Industries www.cstindustries.com BAG PALLET SOLUTIONS NO NAILS PRODUCT PROTECTION CONVENTIONAL WOODEN PALLET NO SAGGING Ź Do not use nails or staples that can puncture bags. Ź Molded deck will catch product spills. Ź Solid deck eliminates bag sagging between deck boards. Ź Provides ultimate product protection from fork tine puncture. Ź Solid deck provides lead edge protection from fork tines. Ź Bags settle into solid deck for increased load stability. PRESSWOOD PALLETS COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE SINCE 1962 LITCO INTERNATIONAL INC. 855-296-2891 www.litco.com WHICH PALLET WILL YOU CHOOSE? WHICH PALLET WILL YOU CHOOSE? Visit us at the Powder Show booth #3604 ES425671_PB1405_070.pgs 04.18.2014 20:31 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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