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M a y 2 0 1 4 57 Conference Program TUESDAY MAY 6 Keynote Technology Panel - Identifying Combustible Dust Hazards and Hazard Mitigating Strategies Moderator: Amy Theis, Director of Risk Management Services, Fauske and Associates Panelists: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lotterman, Head of Projects and Expansion, REMBE Inc. (Germany) Gary Q. Johnson, Chemical Engineer & Consultant, Workplace Exposure Solutions David Grandaw, Vice President of Sales, Fenwal-IEP Technologies Bill Stevenson, Vice President of Engineering, CV Technology Jason Krbec, Engineering Manager, CV Technology 9 AM - 10 AM • Managing dust explosion hazards • Sources of explosions • Basic to advanced dust explosion hazards; become an "expert" • Changing design to reduce dust emissions • Combustible dust regulatory and compliance requirements Track A Fundamental Technical Workshop - Predicting Pneumatic Conveying Performance Mark Jones, Director of TUNRA Bulk Solids Handling Research, Professor of Engineering & Built Environment, University Of Newcastle (Australia) Don McGlinchey, Professor of Engineering & Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland) 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM Pneumatic conveying is often seen as a 'black art' with few visual signs to assist en- gineers in understanding what drives sys- tem performance. This session will provide an understanding of the major parameters that determine system performance and look at ways in which improved through- puts (conveying rates) can be achieved. This session will educate on: • Improved operation and performance • Uprating systems • Avoiding blockage and unreliability Track B What's New in Tech - Nanotechnology Advancements and Applications Stephen Miranda, Sales Director North America, Grinding & Dispersion, Netzsch 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM Size reduction into the nanometer size range offers many advantages. These in- clude increased surface area, improved re- activity, efficient absorption and higher effi- cacy of active ingredients. This presentation will discuss methods for comminution and dispersion of agglomerates and particles into the nanometer size range using dry and wet grinding and dispersion techniques. • For wet comminution down to the nanometer size range or for the dispersion of nano sized particles, the use of smaller grinding media is necessary • When using grinding media of a size smaller than 200 μm and with an increasing viscosity of the product suspension, methods have been developed to ensure efficient and effective separation of grinding media • For dry Comminution down to the nanometer size range, jet mills are utilized with super-heated steam as the grinding medium • Examples of both processing methods will be reviewed Track C Fundamental Technical Workshop - Part 1: Understanding the Causes of Powder and Bulk Material Handling Problems Eric Maynard, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson Inc. 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM This session will discuss the causes of com- mon flow problems that arise when pow- ders and bulk solids are put into silos, hop- pers, and feeders. • Review differences between bulk solids and liquids • Learn about causes of arching and ratholing • Discuss fine powder flooding and blend segregation • Examine two types of storage vessel (e.g., silo, hopper, bin) flow patterns Track D Fundamental Technical Workshop - Fluid Bed Dryers with Integrated Heat Exchangers Dr.-Ing. Mathias Trojosky, Head of Drying Technology, Allgaier Group (Germany) 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM This session will focus on fluid bed dryers and technological developments related to utilizing integrated heat exchangers with theoretical discussion and case studies of actual installations. • Conceptual and technical performance details of fluid bed dryers • Overcoming challenges of wet/sticky particles for fluidization • Heat transfer from heating surfaces to fluidized bed Track A Advanced Technical Workshop - Design & Specification of Pneumatic Conveying Systems David Mills, Pneumatic Conveying Consultant, UK (United Kingdom) 1:30 PM - 3 PM For engineers who are required to design and specify pneumatic conveying systems and need to know the potential influence of the properties of the material to be con- veyed, in terms of dilute and dense phase conveying capability and hence air require- ments, together with issues of pipeline rout- ing with bends and pipeline orientation. Track B Fundamental Technical Workshop - Part 2: Practical Solutions to Costly Bulk Solids Flow Problems Eric Maynard, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson Inc. 1:30 PM - 3 PM This session provides solutions to costly flow problems that normally occur with si- los, hoppers, and feeders. Methods to char- acterize a bulk material's flow properties will be presented, along with a proven step-by- step storage vessel design process. • Learn about key flow properties test measurements • Examine critical design requirements for a storage vessel (e.g., silo, hopper, bin) Call the Experts for all your solids processing. Applications: $3,VÂ$J&KHPLFDOV $UWL¿FLDO6ZHHWHQHUV %LRORJLFVÂ&DWDO\VWV &HUDPLFVÂ&KHPLFDOV &RVPHWLFVÂ)RRG,QJUHGLHQWV +HUELFLGHVÂ0LQHUDOV 1XWUDFHXWLFDOVÂ3HVWLFLGHV 3KDUPDFHXWLFDOVÂ3LJPHQWV 3RO\PHUVÂ3RZGHUHG0HWDOV 3URWHLQVÂ5HVLQVÂ9LWDPLQV M a n u f a c t u r i n g Q u a l i t y P ro ce s s S ys te m s S i n c e 1 9 1 1 ZZZSDXORDEEHFRPVDOHV#SDXORDEEHFRP Vacuum Drying Rota-Cone and V-Dryers Solids Mixing Rota-Cone and V-Blenders Ribbon & Paddle Mixers Fluidizing Dual Shaft Mixers Sigma Mixers & Extruders Size Reduction Ball & Ceramic Lined Mills Milling Jars & Jar Rolling Mills Visit us at the Powder Show booth #3709 Wide spacing between bearings and a large diameter shaft combine to prevent vibration. SIFTING AND CLEANING WITH CENTRI-SIFTER™ CENTRIFUGAL SCREENER No longer must you sacrifice speed, capacity or smooth operation for the quick-clean capability of a cantilevered shaft. The shaft of Kason's CENTRI-SIFTER™ Quick- Clean screener cantilevers on two bearings mounted externally between the screening chamber and the motor drive, (no bearing at the overs discharge end), allowing all internals to slide freely from the discharge end for cleaning, screen changes or inspection. Available in gravity-fed designs (shown), and designs for in-line pneumatic operation. KASON CORPORATION USA: +1-973-467-8140 info@kason.com CAN: +1-514-667-6777 info@separatorengineering.com UK: +44 (0)1782 597540 sales@kasoneurope.co.uk FASTEST POWDER SHOW, BOOTH #2107 BB-0565 Opening a hinged door at the discharge end of the screening chamber allows a retainer plate, screen cylinder, and helical paddle/feed screw assembly to be removed quickly and easily. .com Scan to view a video demo. ©2013 Kason Corporation. ES426158_PB1405_057.pgs 04.21.2014 23:24 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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