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Powder & Bulk Solids, May 2014

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Powder & Bulk Solids 42 M a y 2 0 1 4 TechnologyReview Sanitary Bulk Bag Unloader with Container Filling System Booth 1613 - This bulk bag unloader system conditions and discharges var- ious semi free-flowing, hygroscopic, contaminable powders at a rate of 8000 lb/hr, while feeding the powders to the end-of-line container filling sys- tem. The operation's increased pro- duction requirements dictate greater frequency of line changeovers to ac- commodate processing of other types of powdered materials and filling of multiple consumer packaged goods (CPG) container sizes. This process- specific, NBE bulk bag unloader and container filling system was designed based on the particular changeover and throughput specifications of the application. Changeover times were reduced as a result of design features, such as: the elimination of internal angles, corners, and dead spaces to reduce accumulation of contami- nants; angled planes, rounded-radius framework, highly finished plate, and stand-offs to speed moisture run-off away from product contact areas; and more. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220 www.nbe-inc.com PharmaSafe Containment Valve PharmaSafe pro is the latest in the ChargePoint range of patented split valves, specifically developed to meet the demands for operator protection against increasingly potent ingre- dients by providing a containment performance of <1µg/m³/OEB5. The PharmSafe pro achieves a high level of performance by utilizing a simple extraction process, which is integral to the valve, to minimize the volume of airborne contamination when the valve is separated, post transfer. ChargePoint Technology, Forked River, NJ www.thechargepoint.com Size Reduction ProductFocus Stainless Shredder Cuts Scrap Size, Volume The Titan 20 shredder reduces manufacturing waste volume by up to 80 percent. Dual rotors with extended cutter teeth chop and shred heavy volumes of large solids with minimal power consumption, while self-cleaning. The shredder is constructed of stain- less steel in chamber lengths of 28, 42, and 60 in., with 20-, 50-, and 100-hp motors, respectively. Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 800-944-6644 www.munsonmachinery.com ADVERTISEMENT The DeDuster ® – the universal cleaning machine Pelletron has developed several solutions to address unique customer applications. Besides the cleaning of plastic pellets, the DeDuster® can be used for cleaning dry bulk solids in the food, mineral and pharmaceutical industries. Removal of dust is often necessary because of the environmental challenge it creates, for process related reasons or for quality improvement of many granu- lar food products. Many dry bulk solid products are abrasive and therefore the standard DeDuster® will be supplied with an exchangeable wear set. For extremely abrasive products, Pelletron developed a special, wear-resistant DeDuster® for P Pelletron Pelletro to addre to addre Besides Besides the DeD the dry bulk dry cleaning minerals and metals. Pelletron continues to respond to customer requests for unique applications. The DeDuster® is designed to integrate easily into existing installations or be an integral part of a new line. Standard DeDuster® systems have capacities rang- ing from a few pounds (kilograms) up to 200,000lbs (100 tons). For applications that require higher capacities, Pelletron has built custom models capable of processing several hundred tons per hour. Pelletron also provides wash down DeDuster® systems designed for cleaning with water between product changes. To guarantee the performance of the DeDuster® for a particular product, Pelletron offers free- of-charge dedusting tests in its test lab. Test requests can be completed online at www.pelletroncorp.com. Pelletron has successfully installed more than 2000 dedusting systems worldwide to the satis- faction of customers producing the highest quality parts for all kind of industries, from optical, medical and electronics to auto- motive and packaging. For more information, contact Pelletron Corporation. Tel.: 717.293.4008, e-mail: info@pelletroncorp.com DeDuster ® for cleaning iron ore pellets 05/06 - 05/08/2014 Rosemont, IL Booth #2715 1-888-235-1732 Made in America (OERZVFDQEHKDUGWR¿JXUHRXWWKHVL]LQJWKHW\SHV DQGWKHDFFHVVRULHV\RXQHHG(OERZV:HNQRZμHP:H ORYHμHP:LWKRYHU\HDUVRIVSHFLDOL]LQJLQHOERZVZH FDQKHOS\RX¿JXUHRXWWKHULJKWVL]HDQGW\SHWRJHW\RXU V\VWHPUXQQLQJLWVEHVW$QGWKHDFFHVVRULHV":HKDYH WKRVHWRR ROGRESSIVE P R O D U C T S I N C . 7KH(OERZ3HRSOH www.progressiveproductsinc.com :H/RYH(OERZV Visit us at the Powder Show booth #2635 ES426756_PB1405_042.pgs 04.22.2014 05:06 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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