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Powder & Bulk Solids, May 2014

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GEA Process Engineering engineering for a better world 9165 Rumsey Road, Columbia, MD 21045 Phone: +1 410 997 8700, Fax: 1 410 997 5021 gea-pe.us@gea.com, www.niroinc.com / www.gea.com GEA Process Engineering Inc. Fluid Bed Technology Fluid bed drying and processing enables the transformation from wet powder into dry powder and powder into agglomerates and granulates. )'#2TQEGUU'PIKPGGTKPIUWRRNKGUXCTKQWUƃWKFDGFU[UVGOU (continuous, batch, vibratory and stationary) depending on your needs, and in a complete range of sizes and capacities from custom-designed large process lines to self-contained laboratory and pilot units. GEA Niro VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ GEA provides Filling and Packing Systems that are a part of a fully integrated powder handling process. The GEA Avapac Limited Intervention (Li) bag ƂNNKPItechnology sets a new benchmark in automated RQYFGTRCEMKPICPFDCIJCPFNKPI4GNKCDNGDCIƂNN- ing and closing, combined with an automated pallet FGUVCEMKPIU[UVGOJCUTGUWNVGFKPVJGYQTNFUƂTUVVTWN[ automatic packing system which eliminates the need for an operator inside the packing room. +$( NPNKPG$CI(KNNGT The)'##XCRCE+$( NPNKPG$CI(KNNGT range is designed to pack a wide variety QHRTQFWEVUCVNQYVQOGFKWOƂNNKPI rates. The IBF range features a bottom- WRƂNNKPIU[UVGOYJKEJOCKPVCKPUC constant distance between the outlet of VJGƂNNGTVWDGCPFVJGVQRQHVJGRQYFGT in the bag. Displacement of air is kept to a minimum and the resulting dust emissions are dramatically reduced over more conventional systems. )TCXKV[&KXGTV8CNXG Two or 3-way gravity divert valves, for quick and frequent demounting for cleaning. Ideal for system installations that require frequent cleaning with minimum downtime. /WNVK2QTV4QVCT[6WDG5GNGEVQT8CNXG Diverts pneumatically conveyed powders and granules from one line up to any of sixteen lines. Flow can also be converged from multiple lines into one line. &GOQWPVCDNG4QVCT[/CIPGV GEA Nu-Con produces a range of Magnets to remove ferrous particles from HTGGƃQYKPIRTQFWEVYKVJQWVTGUVTKEVKPI RTQFWEVƃQYFWTKPIRQYFGTVTCPUHGT 4QVCT[XCNXG The most common component used to feed pneumatic conveying systems whether pressure or vacuum. A rotary valve has a compact mechanical design used to continuously discharge bulk RQYFGTUQTITCPWNGUWPFGTITCXKV[ƃQY GEA Niro CONTACT FLUIDIZER™ Visit us at the Powder Show booth #1015 ES425468_PB1405_019_FP.pgs 04.18.2014 03:59 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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