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35 new products materials www.packagingdigest.com APRIL 2014 // NEW TECHNOLOGY Pull-tab pouch The new Pull Tab beverage pouch provides an alternative format to the traditional straw punch-through beverage pouch. Introduced to the European and North American beverage market, this new beverage pouch provides hygienic protection of the straw hole with a tear-away Pull Tab label. The premade hole on the pouch body, covered by the label that is applied by fully automatic label dispensers, is novel for this application. It combines innovative packaging with technology to enhance marketing and allows for hot filling on start-up machines as well as high-speed lines. The Pull Tab label can be custom designed, allowing for printing on the label, which is a unique way to enhance the marketing message or branding and share new information in an attractive way. Ampac, 513-671-1777 www.ampaconline.com Composite pallet The new pallet design for the company's SM IBC Series comes with pallet blocks made from recycled plastics in combination with a metal tube frame. This re-engineered pallet design for high-quality composite intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) builds on the success of the company's composite pallet design introduced to the market more than a decade ago and is designed for long term strength and optimum reusability. The corrosion resistance of the plastic drip pan and the strength of the plastic blocks in day-to-day handling make this pallet design a viable option vs full metal pallets. The modular design concept makes it possible to exchange damaged parts, making it easy to recondition and reuse the IBCs. Mauser Group, +49 2232 78 11 71 www.mausergroup.com promising patents Abbott's transparent pouch is kneadable for mixing Assigned to Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, this published patent for an innovative pouch addresses a need for liquid human milk fortif ers that are commercially sterile, do not require refrigeration and have relatively low acidity. Constructed of two f lms, about 40 percent or more of the pouch volume remains unused to permit manual kneading by the user. Film transparency allows the user to conf rm that it has been properly mixed. Volume sizes range from 2mL to 80mL; one embodiment is for a spouted version. pdlinks.com/Abbott Scavenging containers made with nanoparticle blends Graham Packaging's patent is aimed at preserving the shelf life for oxygen-sensitive packaged foods in high-clarity containers. It does so through a polymer composition having dispersed nanoparticles (that is, an average diameter of 5 nm or less) of the platinum group metal (palladium is singled out) that act as an oxygen-scavenging catalyst. It states that it is preferable to include a hydrogen-generating material in the container or as part of the container; having it in the closure allows the scavenging rate to be better controlled than if in the container wall. The patent also identifies the applicability to container sizes from 1mL to 100L, which seems an incredibly large range. pdlinks.com/platinum Valved bottle is refillable This patent from France is for a bottle equipped with a valve for refilling of liquid products such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The document suggests that it may be desirable to refill a product for reasons that may be logistical, for practicality or for environmental recycling vs alternatives. It improves upon a previous filing by simplifying the refilling action and improves the seal without requiring a pressurized injection of the product into the container. In one embodiment, it is for product volumes between 1 and 10mL. pdlinks.com/ref llable Rick Lingle, Technical Editor Design targets infant formula. Bottle offers secure, pressure-free ref lling. ES413487_PD1404_035.pgs 03.27.2014 23:04 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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