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26 BEST PRACTICES // APRIL 2014 www.PackagingDigest.com Huggies reinvents baby care products in the household with PACKAGING THAT DISPLAYS HOME DÉCOR TRENDS and minimal branding. Kari Embree, Senior Digital Content Editor Launched last year in North America, the new Huggies Designer Tubs for baby wipes come in multiple designs and sleek packaging that makes it a fun, ef ortless way for consumers to step up their home's décor and show of their personal style—all while staying clean in the process. "T e Huggies Wipes Designer Tub is special in that it is not just another baby product invading the home. T e majority of wipes and other baby care items focus on babyish designs, while this tub is dif erent," says Keegan Coulter, senior brand manager for Huggies Baby Wipes in North America, at brand owner Kimberly-Clark. "It is inspired by home décor trends, with soft, non-skid material around the edges to help with stability, discrete side-loading wipe ref ll feature and minimal branding. T ere is nothing quite like it on the market today—a tub with sleek, innovative structure and trend-driven patterns that helps Mom clean every-day messes in style." T e evolution of the designer tub started with Huggies marketing and R&D teams spending time with moms in their homes. T e company comprehended that these women were using the Huggies wipes on more than just baby bottoms. But the ladies did not like the look of the packaging in the other adult spaces of the home—so much that they would tuck wipes away in the rooms, which made it hard to get to them when messes happened. T e idea came to fruition that if messes happen in every room of the house, Huggies wipes should be there to help clean up, of course. Designed from bottom up T e concept for the Huggies wipes was developed with the help of brand and design f rms Sterling Brands and Brook Stevens Inc. "We wanted to delight Mom by giving her options that f t her style and décor preferences. We spent time looking at living room and kitchen décor trends to best understand how to help this tub design f t with consumers' homes," says Yulia Denisyuk, senior associate brand manager for Huggies Baby Wipes in North America. "Currently, we of er the designer tubs in four options to f t dif erent décor styles, and the plan is to keep the designs fresh as the trends evolve." Manufactured in the U.S., the designer tub is a f rst for the Huggies baby wipes team because it uses traditional packaging processes of blow molding for the main body and injection molding for the lid and end caps. T en, the parts are put together, along with an adhesive label in four unique designs to create an attractive container that consumers are excited to leave out in plain sight. "Once we got into designing this tub, we chose a soft material for the edges to provide a high-quality touch," says Dayton Henderson, senior director of global design for Kimberly-Clark. "What moms told us when they tried it out is that the material helped keep the tub in place versus sliding around when they dispensed wipes from it. Given the strong feedback from moms, we knew this was a winning feature for our f nal design." When asked if sustainability played a part in the design, Datyon Henderson, senior director of global design for Kimberly-Clark responds, "Kimberly-Clark has earned a reputation as a The designer tubs are offered in four options to f t individual décor styles. Not your baby's wipes With this unique tub design, ref ll wipes are loaded from the side. ES416507_PD1404_026.pgs 03.29.2014 01:47 UBM black yellow magenta cyan

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