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[ Feature ] HOUSEHOLD & INDUSTRIAL Winner: Polyfilla by Plastube BEST FOOD French's Flavor Infuser by Berry Plastics The winning Polyfilla tube is a PE monolayer tube produced using a 9-color combination of offset and process print that creates a picture perfect look for the customer, explains Audrey Levesque of Plastube. "Plastube has spent the past five decades focusing on superior servicing of their customer's needs from product specification to the most flexible and quick turnaround times in the industry," she adds. BEST INNOVATIVE COMPONENT OR PROCESS Metallic Rose - Lastic Flexo/Silk Screening on Hot by Polytype SA Polytype, the Swiss engineering company known for its work in printing and packaging industries, has developed new decorating machinery for printing metallic effects on extruded plastic tubes. Combining flexography, screen printing, hot stamping, digital printing, varnishing, lacquering, and more in one machine, Linearis can feature up to 12 stations. "We decided to reproduce on extruded tubes the metal effects commonly seen on pressure sensitive labels or laminated tubes," explains Siegfried Joneleit, Marketing & Sales Manager. "We took a completely new approach and produced a machine combining all kinds of decoration you could want on a tube." Joneleit says that Linearis features one decorating station placed after another in a "linear format, instead of in a wheel format" and the sequence of the modules is freely chosen according to the job to be performed. Screen printing and flexography have been combined before, and flexography has been used for printing extruded plastic tubes for about five 10 magenta cyan yellow black years, he says, but combining this number of technologies in one machine is really "new and unique". Joneleit calls the process "much leaner" and explains that scrap can be reduced by 10-15%. "You avoid having to go from one machine to another, with the associated logistics cost", he says. "In addition to reducing scrap, you also save significant time." Polytype currently has two Linearis customers in Europe, three in Asia, and one customer is expected to begin using the technology in the United States later this year. BEST HOUSEHOLD & INDUSTRIAL Runner-Up: Permatex Ultra Slick by Plastube The tube for Ultra slick synthetic brake lubricant is a PE monolayer tube. The white tube features an oil spill effect and a brake produced on an offset press, explains Audrey Levesque of Plastube. Tube News • February 2014 ES381952_TN1402_010.pgs 01.28.2014 00:30 UBM

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