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[ Feature ] BEST PHARMACEUTICAL For this premium store brand, Essel Propack America provided a tube featuring a plastic barrier laminate (PBL) custom constructed to maintain the stability and strength of the highest strength of Benzoyl Peroxide used in product, explains Wendi Caraballo, Marketing Manager for Essel Propack America. "One plus for using this type of PBL is the 'bounce back' characteristics in that it has no memory and after squeezing the tube regains its shape." The tube includes a 2-in. dispensing white cap that is made in-house at Essel Propack. To achieve a special look, Essel l Propack America employed flexographhic high-end printing ng with hot foil to achieve ve metallic look around nd brand name and other her highlighted areas, Caraaraballo says. "The challenge was the foil," recounts unts Shelby Kay of packaging ging distributor MJS Packagkaging, which worked with Essel Propack on tube development. "Walmart mart wanted a silver that would match the Equate Beauty line, which features silver, so we ended up with foil." Ted Sojourner, Regional Vice President of Essel Propack, believes this tube demonstrates the importance of packaging. "Typically, when folks think of store brands, they might think 'generic.' But packaging can open up another avenue for store brands for innovation and creativity. When first asked to put hot foil on the tube, which is a more expensive direction, I found it to break paradigms," he says. "Walmart wanted to step it up with this tube. The foil calls out the product's features, such as 'maximum strength.' It is an indication that store brands want to take products to a higher level in terms of decoration." February 2014 • Tube News magenta cyan yellow black Want to produce a more sustainable tube package, better looking, using high performance webs? SAESA 100 ® HIFLEX Then our new SAESA®100 Hiflex machine with its exclusive Decoseam™ technology is the right choice for you. HALL 11 BOOTH B19 Winner: Equate Acne Cleansing Wash by Essel Propack ES381954_TN1402_007.pgs 01.28.2014 00:30 7 UBM

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