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[ New Products ] Tube Filler A veterinary products supplier has purchased a new version of the tubefilling and -closing machine, the Millennium 120. Based on the line's standard single-channel system, the Mill120-2 adds innovative solutions to close PE tubes containing ATEX products. The machine is loaded with plastic tubes with conical caps that are filled with a liquid product at low doses (between 0.6 and 7 ml) and runs at a speed of 100 ppm. Printed PE tubes are loaded in bulk into a hopper of about 200 liters of capacity. A selection conveyor belt transports the tubes towards the Robovision unit, which is produced and patented by Marchesini Group. The robot is equipped with four axes of movement and a vision system, which guides the pick-up head to collect and correctly orient each tube, and then it places it on specially sized plates that are fixed to the belt transport system. The plates are fixed by means of a quick release system, and the correct positioning of the tubes are continuously controlled by precise sensors. The transport is equipped with a special reject station, and pressurized air is used to remove the tubes that are not correctly placed or without cap. The tubes are then placed in a pair in their individual pucks by means of a tilter driven by a brushless motor, which then holds the tubes pneumatically until their complete insertion into the transport system. The system for tubes' internal cleaning has two plundering blower nozzles, a PALL filter for the filtering of compressed air, and a vacuum pump with a special filter for the recovery of removed particles. The filling group is dedicated to liquid products and uses two rotary valves made of stainless steel 316L. The system allows a tolerance in the order of ± 5% for doses of 0.6 ml. Marchesini Group, Dosing Tubes Tubes are designed to deliver precise doses of highly concentrated contents. At Luxe Pack, a company showcased dropper solutions for liquid make-up, hair oil, nail care, food supplements and dental care serums. The new 'beauty droplets' set includes 3 to 30 ml tubes for liquid cosmetic applications. The insert at the tip of the elegant tubes releases contents in simple and precise doses. The dropper tubes are crowned by a slender metal cap and fully covering plastic caps with or without embossing, gloss or matt. The tube bodies are vibrantly colored Polyfoil metallic-look, finished with flexographic printing, screen printing, and hot foil stamping. The packaging units are a handy small size, just right for carrying in a handbag. Neopac, www.neopac. com. 12 magenta cyan yellow black Tube Conveyor A global manufacturer of tube, cartridge, syringe and airless pump filling systems has introduced the New Barrel In-Feed Conveyor for delivering full drums of product to the ProSys HP55 Drum Press. The new conveyor allows the operator to roll the drum directly into the press with minimal effort. Designed with safety in mind, the system incorporates non-slip tread plates allowing operators to safely move the drum into the drum press without slipping on the rollers and smoothly load and unload the drum. Users can easily load and unload 55-gallon drums, and the system can be used to retro fit current ProSys Drum Presses. ProSys Innovative Packaging Equipment, Tube News • February 2014 ES380948_TN1402_012.pgs 01.25.2014 04:33 UBM

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