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[ Case History ] Vibrant Color for Fragrances A new line of hand crèmes features tubes in a palette of colors. A new line of hand crèmes from I Am Fragrance employs tubes developed and manufactured by World Wide Packaging LLC (WWP), a provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes. The line features nine fragrances, including "I Am Love," "I Am Peace," "I Am Me," and others. A 30-mm foil polymer tube with a "unique-to-client" octagonal cap houses 2 oz of product, reports WWP in a statement. The color schemes for the nine I Am skin crèmes are: • • • IamLove:Vibrantred IamPeace:Turquoise IamMe:Charcoalgrey • • • • • • IamTrue:Teal IamNaughty:Hotpink IamNaked:Palepink IamBlessed:Mintgreen IamFree:Neongreen IamHot:Vibrantorange WWP worked with Product 360, I Am Fragrance's design partners, to ensure that the customer's colors complemented each crème's name and scent with an appropriate tube hue and tone, WWP reports. Vibrant decoration was the goal. "Determining and perfecting the color matches of each metallic glowing tube was particularly challenging, because each of the nine fragrances is unique yet contained in a set brand," said Jim Farley, Vice President of Global Business Development at WWP, in the statement. "For that reason, the colors needed to be dramatically different from one another while still making sense within the uniformity of a branded line. For example, 'I Am True' and 'I AmNaughty'arenotonlytwoseparate scents but different mindsets entirely—and the packaging for each had to reflect that distinction while still staying true to brand." World Wide Packaging supplies tubes, jars, compacts, and lotion bottles, with solutions ranging from plastic massmarket containers to sophisticated metal cases for lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner. For more details, visit www. ■ World Wide Packaging provided foil polymer tubes in nine vibrant colors. February 2014 • Tube News magenta cyan yellow black 11 ES380718_TN1402_011.pgs 01.25.2014 02:01 UBM

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