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Powder & Bulk Solids, November 2013

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PowderBulkSolids.com N O V E M B E R 2 01 3 • IN THIS ISSUE Vol. 31, No. 12 Sanitary Bulk Bag Handling Application-specific design of sanitary bulk bag handling equipment enables each system to be integrated deep into the bulk material handing process. Read more on page 6 Dust Collection Spotlight T h e S o u r c e f o r D r y P r o c e s s i n g a n d B u l k H a n d l i n g Te c h n o l o g y Imperial Systems CMAXX dust collection system has a sleek new design and its filters contain the latest nanofiber technology to help preserve filter life. All units are constructed with DOT/ UV-grade silver pulse-valve tubing. Read more on page 18 Protecting Your Storage Investment Hopper-bottom, smooth-wall silos and stainless steel tanks are utilized across North America for bulk storage and handling of dry flowable products in the commercial and industrial sectors for a variety of applications. Read more on page 26 High-Throughput Strand Pelletizers High-throughput HD (Heavy Duty) Series strand pelletizers are sturdily built and rated for operation under the most demanding conditions, as in processing engineering plastics with high filler content, e.g. glass fibers. The two models – SP 500 HD for throughput rates of up to 5000 kg/hr and SP 700 HD for up to 6300 kg/ hr – have been specially developed for use with Coperion twin-screw extruders ZSK 70 Mc18, ZSK 82 Mc18, and ZSK 92 Mc18. Strand pelletizers for reinforced plastics are subjected to extremely high stress, as these materials are not only abrasive, but also highly rigid and tough. Coperion Pelletizing Technology GmbH, Offenbach, Germany +49 69 829775 www.coperion.com Fork Lift Portable Bulk Bag Discharger Understanding XL Hopper Tank main_head Designs for main_head Dry Bulk Storage main_head Read more body 10 body body on page This Material Master bulk bag discharging system features a fork lift-loaded bulk bag lifting frame with adjustable height receiving frame. The unit features the exclusive heavy-duty Flo-Master bulk bag massaging system with openpipe frames that promote positive material flow. The Flo-Lock discharge gate halts material flow for partial bag discharging, allowing the bag to be retied, removed, and reused. The system features a Seal-Master bag spout chamber with "gull-wing" doors for optimal discharge spout access. The Sure-Seal bag spout sealing system allows dust-tight material discharge. The lower frame section features fork lift pockets to serve multiple discharge points. Material Transfer and Storage Inc., 800-836-7068 www.materialtransfer.com Official Publication of PowderShow.com magenta cyan yellow black ES337210_PB1311_001.pgs 10.09.2013 20:27 UBM

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