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redaktioneller fachbeirat K. Al-Lamee C. Mason Managing Director, Aterius Ltd; and Director, KAL Biomaterials Consulting, Leeds, UK Regenerative Medicine Processing Unit, Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering, University College, London, UK S. Donell C. Mathews Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, Colney, UK Honorary Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK Director, Team Consulting Ltd, Ickleton, Cambridge, UK S. Dunkerton Manager, Nanomedicine and Life Sciences, The Institute of Nanotechnology, Stirling, UK Director, HealthTech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network; and Business Manager, Processes, TWI Ltd, Great Abington, Cambridge, UK P. Galavotti Consultant, Nexion srl, Mirandola (Modena), Italy R. Moore W.A. Morton President, Medical Device Consultants Inc., Attleboro, MA, USA Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Bioengineering, Bioengineering Unit, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland R. Gray VP Quality and Regulatory, Donawa Lifescience Consulting, Rome, Italy O. Grøndahl Hansen General Manager, PVC Information Council, Copenhagen, Denmark R. Hall Medical Packaging Consultant, Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland D. Hill Director, Ronin Solutions Ltd, Jarrow, Tyne-and-Wear, UK D. Hodgins Managing Director, European Technology for Business Ltd, Codicote, UK J. Hoffmann Founder and President, InterTech Development Co., Skokie, IL, USA M.B. Leahey Executive Director, Medical Device Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., USA S. Loznen Chief Engineer, Electronics and Telematics Laboratory, Standards Institution of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel Managing Director, Abnovo Ltd, Weybridge, UK A. Schneider Group Manager, Biomedical Competence Centres, Fraunhofer IBMT Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Sulzbach, Germany S. Sorrel President, MedPass International, Paris, France M. Tavakoli Consultant and Technology Manager; and Technical Director, HealthTech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network, TWI Ltd, Great Abington, Cambridge, UK magenta cyan yellow black Smart Battery Chargers Offer Three-Phase Operation Available in versions delivering 4.2V, 8.4V, or 12.6V at 1 A to address single- or multiple-battery configurations, the GTM91128 families of smart Li-Ion battery chargers from GlobTek offer three charging methods: conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. The universal-input devices have a minimum current charge termination technique with timer as back up, with LED indication of charging and fully charged states. An additional feature of the smart battery charger family is that they have user-interchangeable plugs for seamless inter- MedicallyApproved Open-Frame Switchers Deliver Up to 240W Suitable for use in a variety of medical, ITE, and PoE applications, the GTM91110P240 Family of open-frame AC/DC switchmode power supplies from GlobTek deliver up to 240W in a 3 x 5-inch footprint. The devices are provided in factoryconfigured outputs from 12 to 55 V (in 0.1-V increments). Available in Class I or II versions, the 1.75-high power supplies are 85% efficient at full load and include features such as active PFC, a built-in EMI filter, and a 12-V fan output as well as DC-input versions from 130VDC to 380VDC. "Our switchers are versatile power supplies; you can use them in just about any indoor application. Additional features include ...for more click www.globtek.com Rechargeable Battery Pack Provides Fuel Gauge Data J. Vienken Vice President Biosciences, Dept. International Marketing and Medicine, Fresenius Medical Care, Bad Homburg, Germany D.F. Williams Emeritus Professor, University of Liverpool, UK, and Partner, Morgan & Masterson, Brussels, Belgium L. Woo Distinguished Scientist Emeritus, Baxter Healthcare Corp., and Founder, LWoo Associates LLC, Libertyville, IL, USA Providing smart rechargeable power capability to advanced portable and remote devices, the BL3100C1865004S1PSQA Li-Ion Battery Pack from GlobTek incorporates fuel-gauge functionality to provide important power status information. The 14.4V pack has a 3.1Ah capacity and includes a built-in protection circuit as well. "You can no longer put a battery in one of today's products without providing a means to check on the power status, as device operating life is a critical aspect of a device's performance." The battery packs are approved to UL ...for more click www.globtek.com J.A. Woolston Director, Astwood Projects, Redditch, UK Der redaktionelle Fachbeirat des medtechInsider besteht aus einer anerkannten Gruppe von Spezialisten, die die verschiedenen Facetten der Entwicklung und Herstellung von medizintechnischen Geräten und Diagnostika repräsentieren. Die Mitglieder des Gremiums prüfen Manuskripte, schlagen sachbezogene Themen vor und beantworten eventuell aufkommende Fragen. emdt.co.uk Think GlobTek ...for more click www.globtek.com M. Reinikainen T. Gourlay Need Power? www.globtek.com Besuchen Sie uns auf der COMPAMED, Halle 08b, Stand N14 ES324978_MI1310_005.pgs 09.25.2013 03:01 UBM

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