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IVD Technology, Fall 2013

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AptaTaq DNA Polymerase Hot Start Redefined 3.200 2.800 2.400 2.000 $Rn The stable and robust Taq DNA Polymerase for fast Hot Start PCR: Immediate activation resulting in reduced time to result Stable under freeze drying conditions Keep refrigerated or at 25°C up to 1 month 1.600 1.200 0.800 Choose the right formulation for your application: Standard or exonuclease-deficient Taq DNA Polymerase With 50% glycerol or as concentrate glycerol-free As low residual DNA variant for contamination-sensitive assays Ready-to-use and customized master mixes for block cycler applications, quantitative PCR or genotyping 0.400 0.000 -0.400 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Cycles Sensitive, reliable detection of 440 bp CycA using AptaTaq DNA Master dried-down with primer and hydrolysis probes in a multiwell plate. After rehydration and addition of template DNA, duplicates from 5 pg to 50 ng, were amplified and detected by real-time PCR. More information about AptaTaq AptaTaq DNA Polymerase is for further processing only. APTATAQ is a trademark of Roche. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. custombiotech.roche.com Your Roche Custom Biotech Customer Service Europe, LATAM +49 621 759 8580 mannheim.custombiotech@roche.com Japan +81 3 5443 5285 japan.custombiotech@roche.com United States +1 800 428 5433, ext. 14649 (toll-free) custombiotech.ussales@roche.com Roche Diagnostics GmbH Sandhofer Straße 116 68305 Mannheim, Germany Asia Pacific +65 6371 6638 apac.custombiotech@roche.com Canada +1 450 686 7050 custombiotech.can@roche.com © 2013 Roche Diagnostics. All rights reserved. Visit us at MEDICA 2013, Hall 03 Stand E51 magenta cyan yellow black ES320618_IV1309_009_FP.pgs 09.19.2013 02:16 UBM

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