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IVD Technology, Fall 2013

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Microcentrifuges Durable Microfuge 20 and refrigerated 20R microcentrifuges are designed to meet the requirements of a range of research applications that includes nucleic acid and protein preparation; pelleting, extractions, purifcations, concentrations, phase separations, and receptor binding; and rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, particulates, and cell debris. Besides their space-saving footprint, low noise levels at maximum speed, and minimal heat dissipation, the instruments ofer the benefts of fexibility, processing efciency, energy efciency, precise performance, and ease of use. BECKMAN COULTER LIFE SCIENCES www.beckmancoulter.com Prototype Instrument Design In partnership with the inventor, an electrooptical system research and design frm serving the biomedical and healthcare industries has developed a beta prototype of an instrument that employs special biomedical sensors to monitor capillary refll time in dehydrated patients objectively, thus exemplifying the company's capabilities in designing specialized optical- and sensing-based instrumentation. An optical sensor and computer are able to determine the length of time it takes for a patient's pinched fngertip to completely refll with blood. Te design agency develops healthcare equipment concepts of this sort, then builds and tests prototypes for clients seeking to introduce new products. BODKIN DESIGN AND ENGINEERING LLC www.bodkindesign.com Anti-Toxoplasma Panel Te AccuSet anti–Toxoplasma gondii mixed-titer performance panel is available for incorporation into rigorous new testing platforms for the parasite. Te panel comprises 21 members with a broad range of reactivity for IgG and IgM antibodies and contains donor material representing recent infections, important for IVD manufacturers needing to efectively challenge new assays under development. It has been created using donors newly infected with T. gondii but already beginning to demonstrate antibody reactivity. Spot Curing System Te BlueWave 200 spot curing system, in version 3.0, features enhanced unit-status and fault notifcation displays and a smooth, easyto-clean faceplate with an improved user interface for easier setup, programming, and operation. Its automatic, controlled power-up sequence ensures proper lamp operating temperature to minimize scrap, and the large liquid-crystal graphic display ofers comfortable operator viewing during programming and operation. Patented intensity adjustment control, also accessible on the faceplate, supports the validation of appropriate intensity levels and maintenance of those levels during production for SERACARE LIFE SCIENCES INC. www.seracare.com Miniature Peristaltic Pump Model TPT low-fow miniature peristaltic pumps ofer fow rates of 1 to 30 ml/min, determinable by the choice of tubing size and the selection of an 8-, 12-, 17-, or 25-rpm drive. An on-of control switch also allows the user to reverse the direction of fow via clockwise-counterclockwise settings on the switch. Te pumps are powered by a continuous-duty 24-Vdc, brush-style gearmotor with an internal permanent magnet. A power supply providing 24 V dc, 1.08 A, can be requested separately, as can a counter that indicates the number of revolutions. Te pumps' roller heads contain four glass-flled-PTFE rollers for quiet operation. Featuring a rigid metal housing, aluminum square tube, top and bottom plates, and a 4 × 4-in. footprint, the devices are designed for use with tubing with walls 1/32 in. thick and inner diameters of 1/32, 1/16, or 1/8 in. good process repeatability and consistency. Te system emits energy in the ultraviolet A and visible portion of the spectrum (300–450 nm) for the curing of light-curable adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants in manual and automated processes. DYMAX CORP. www.dymax.com Norovirus Antibodies A primary manufacturer of infectious-disease antigens and antibodies has developed and ofers two sets of Monotope monoclonal antibodies to the major capsid protein of the GI and GII genogroups of noroviruses that infect humans. Noroviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses characterized by a nonenveloped protein capsid. Te new antibodies function in ELISA and lateral-fow assays for rapid detection of noroviruses. AALBORG INSTRUMENTS VIROSTAT INC. www.aalborg.com www.virostat-inc.com 3 4 IVD TEC HNOL O G Y | FA L L 2013 magenta cyan yellow black ES320494_IV1309_034.pgs 09.19.2013 01:51 UBM

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