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IVD Technology, Fall 2013

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automated extraction; and 20.96 for the manual method. As the target levels decreased, the degree of divergence increased between the three systems. Although each of the three systems detected the target at the lowest level tested, the fully automated system did so at least four cycles earlier in each instance. Te fndings of this study suggest that the fully automated BD MAX system may have better extraction efciency compared to an automated extraction system or a manual extraction method and this may result in a higher potential for PCR amplifcation and detection, particularly for samples with low target loads. Figure 4. Automated extraction: PCR versus full automation. Target = Salmonella typhimurium through the automated and manual extraction procedures respectively and the resulting DNA was analyzed using a PCR instrument. Te third sample set was extracted and amplifed in a single operation using the fully automated system. Comparisons of extraction efciencies for the manual method versus the fully automated system and the automated extraction versus the fully automated system are shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, respectively. Te sample with the highest analyte level (5 x 106 CFU/ml) yielded Ct values of 20.73 for the fully automated system; 21.38 for References 1. BD Diagnostics, 2012, BD MAX System User's Manual (8088453), Revision 06, BD Diagnostics, Sparks, MD. 2. Rebrikov, D.V and D. Yu. Trofmov, "Real-Time PCR: A Review of Approaches to Data Analysis," Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 42 (2006): 455–463. IVD Ira Ashman, BS, is a scientist at BD Diagnostics, Sparks, MD. He can be reached at iramarc_ashman@bd.com. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Receive free information from suppliers For more information, call the phone number or use the online contact information provided. When contacting these advertisers, please mention you saw their ad in IVD Technology. BBI Solutions +44 2920 747 232 Back cover www.bbisolutions.com/events AbD Serotec 35 +49 89 80 90 95 45 www.abdserotec.com Minnetronix Inc. 21 651/917-4060 www.minnetronix.com/ivdt Novarum 2 +44 2920 747 232 BIT Group www.novarumreader.com 13 +49 6196 806 100 www.BIT-Group.com Carclo Diagnostic Solutions 8 Poly-Pipets Inc. 19 201/894-8828 www.polypipets.com +44 2086 850 500 www.carclodiagnosticsolutions.com EKF Diagnostics 23 +44 2920 710 570 www.ekfdiagnostics.com Fitzgerald Industries International 978/371-6446 Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEC) 11 www.ftzgerald-fi.com 609/890-8600 800/428-5433, ext. 14649 9 custombiotech.roche.com Spherotech Inc. 25 25 www.knf.com 800/368-0822 www.spherotech.com Virostat Inc. 5 877/548-8399 www.lifesciences.georgia.org/hematology KNF Roche Diagnostics 3 207/856-6620 www.virostat-inc.com Wheaton 800/225-1437 7 www.wheaton.com I VD T EC H N O LO G Y | FALL 2 0 1 3 3 3 magenta cyan yellow black ES322802_IV1309_033.pgs 09.21.2013 03:58 UBM

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