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IVD Technology, Fall 2013

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port use with smaller potential returns. To survive in this environment, diagnostics companies are seeking ways to reduce the cost of tests and supplies, develop new products in a more cost-efective manner, and protect margins on existing diagnostic products all while maintaining quality. A number of potential strategies are available to diagnostic OEMs to contain costs and provide high-value tests to customers in the face of these challenges. One often-overlooked option is to focus on optimizing the design and manufacturing approach for disposable platform components. For new products, emphasizing lean manufacturing early in the development process can reduce costs and mitigate downstream risk associated with supply chain management, sustainability, and meeting potentially abrupt changes in demand. For existing products, continued refnement of manufacturing processes can be a use- ful ongoing cost-reduction approach which is less burdensome than a fullscale redesign. While diagnostics companies are fully capable of improving the technical performance of their product oferings, an external manufacturing partner can provide a valuable perspective on options to reduce manufacturing costs throughout the life cycle. Outsourced manufacturing enables diagnostics companies to contain costs and mitigate the risk of investing in new technologies, which may not succeed in the evolving global diagnostics market. As a result, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are increasingly utilized and valued for both economic and strategic contributions to product development. Together, diagnostics companies and outcomes-driven CMOs can drive innovation and continually lower costs to achieve higher margins. Trough a culture of cost savings and strict quality-oriented process control, and with a track record for innovation and problem solving, an experienced CMO partner can bring a wealth of continuous improvement strategies and skills from previous successful projects to the table. To systematically reduce production costs for disposable components of diagnostic products, a CMO must have a disciplined culture of cost savings that can only survive with sustained success. Te appropriate culture is rooted in a belief system within the organization that delivering cost savings is critical to serving customers and, therefore, key to the survival of the enterprise. Tis belief system is manifested as a formal, organized system supported by control documents and accounting approvals. Everyone from the assembly line to the C suite is responsible for fnding cost savings, and this responsibility must be accounted for during every employee's Hurry! Early-Bird Discounts End October 4th November 6-8, 2013 | Hilton San Diego Bayfront – San Diego, CA The global In-Vitro Diagnostics market is growing at a 70% clip. The IVD Business Strategy Conference is bringing you unquestioned market leaders for a once-in-a-decade gathering. Topics include: ■ Examining the evolving IVD reimbursement landscape ■ Product commercialization in the U.S. and global markets, including Africa, Brazil, China, India and Southeast Asia ■ Collaboration between pharmaceutical and IVD manufacturers Presenters from: ■ Ventana Medical Systems / Roche Group ■ Eli Lilly and Company ■ bioMérieux ■ AstraZeneca   ■ Sony DADC US ■ Quanterix Corporation ■ Foley Hoag LLP ■ Novartis ...just to name a few ■ Assessing the impact of personalized medicine Register by October 4th for discounted rates. For details visit IVDconference.com I VD T EC H N O LO G Y | FALL 2 0 1 3 2 9 magenta cyan yellow black ES320935_IV1309_029.pgs 09.19.2013 05:44 UBM

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