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supply Center that yields powder granules with what the company says are the same color, aroma, and nutrients as the original starting material (whole food, juice, or purée). Tis process involves "gently evaporating" food water molecules with light—a process that yields a uniformly shaped granule with 3% or less water content. Low moisture content will improve ingredient shelf life, but these powders also provide less dusting and better dispersion than, say, spray-dried or freeze-dried powders, according to the supplier. Vivid Harvest whole food powders are free of solvents and extreme temperatures are not involved in their production. Tey are currently available in 25 fruit and 16 vegetable options. Custom blends are also available. P.L. Thomas (Morristown, is marketed as Cocovanol cocoa actives, and it could provide an appealing alternative to traditional cocoa ingredients. "Because it's produced through plant cell culture technology, Cocovanol doesn't impact the existing supply of cocoa for traditional food use," says company president Marc Philouze. "Te process is just like growing individual plants in a greenhouse or feld, only we're growing individual cells in bioreactors. It just takes less space and fewer resources." Te company says its process utilizes only non-GMO methods. Te resulting product can be standardized for large amounts of cocoa polyphenols and cocoa favanols with minimal cafeine and theobromine. DianaPlantSciences (Portland, OR), 503/505-6977, NJ), 973/984-0900, Water-Soluble Vitamin K2 Microencapsulated Probiotic A new, patented technology for probiotics may help maintain product stability under extreme conditions, thus broadening applications. Te new technology is called Intelicaps. Probiotic bacteria are housed in protective microencapsulated beadlets. According to the developer, these microencapsulates resist low pH levels, which protects probiotic bacteria during transit through the digestive system until they reach their target organ, the intestines. Te company says previous alternatives existed in only one formulation—lyophilized probiotics in powder form, But these lyophilized forms are often sensitive to pH, humidity, heat, temperature fuctuations, and exposure to oxygen. Intelicaps are intended to enable a variety of new formulations, including simple tablets and chewables, and safe combinations with substances such as zinc, citrate, and vitamin C. Additionally, the fermented strains may be used in production like a traditional ingredient, without a signifcant reduction in quality. Gencor Pacifc (Anaheim, CA), 714/870-8723, Ancient Grain Flours Cocoa Actives With so many "ancient grains" on the market, manufacturers may be unsure of which trendy grain is most marketable. A new ancient grain four blend combines six of today's more exotic cereals and legumes: amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, rye, and spelt. Te ancient grain four blend can add market value to pizza crusts, tortillas, breads, bars, and numerous other products. Its nutritional value goes a long way, too, with a reported 8% fber, 12% protein, and 10% of a consumer's daily value of potassium. Te company lists a 120-day shelf life for this product, and each ancient grain can be purchased individually. To answer today's other grains trend, the company also markets a variety of gluten-free grains, including amaranth, buckwheat, garbanzo bean, millet, quinoa, and sorghum. Available organic and kosher, each whole grain is certifed free of gluten. Bay State Milling Plant cell culture technology can now produce high-value cocoa polyphenol ingredients. Te resulting product from one company Co. (Quincy, MA), 800/5535687, Papain Alternative Promod 950L is a microbial protease that the company says can perform as a papain enzyme alternative in foods and beverages. Papain is used in food and beverage manufacture for a host of reasons, including favor production and hydrolysis of yeast. But the enzyme has its drawbacks. Papain is sourced from papaya, meaning its availability and price is contingent on the fruit's harvest. Also, papain is activated with the help of sulftes, which require a statement on product labels.Promod 950L does not require sulftes, and it is kosher and halal-friendly. Te company says its newest enzyme is particularly useful for hydrolyzing baker's and brewer's yeast to improve the solubility and yield of protein. Biocatalysts Ltd. (Cardiff, UK), 847/525-5338, 78 magenta cyan yellow black y_dRagon/iSTockPhoTo.coM A water-soluble vitamin K2 MK-7 ingredient makes inclusion in aqueous products easier, without requiring extra processing steps such as microencapsulation or emulsifcation. Te powder ingredient is favorless and odorless. Like many oil-based vitamins, vitamin K2 is highly lipophilic and hydrophobic, meaning it dissolves in oil-based, not water-based, environments. As such, vitamin K2's applications are usually limited to fat-based systems and capsules and tablets, and not products such as functional beverages, sachets, and powdered drinks. MenaquinGold WS is a water-soluble version of existing, branded natural vitamin K2 MK-7 ingredient MenaquinGold. Te ingredient is soluble and remains stable in both cold and hot water. Nu Science Trading LLC (Phoenix), 602/375-7951, Millet SEPTEMBER 2013 ■ NuTRITIONAl OuTlOOK ES314594_NO1309_078.pgs 08.31.2013 01:32 UBM

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