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LATEST Launches Algal Protein Supplement Chia Supplements Twinlab Corp. has added a new Veggie Protein Powder to its Clean Series product lineup, and it features a vegan, whole-food source, microalgae-derived protein ingredient from Solazyme Inc. (San Francisco, CA). Solazyme describes its non-allergenic algal protein as naturally rich in fber, healthy lipids, and micronutrients. Te Twinlab product has a neutral favor ideal for protein shakes, and it contains at least 50% protein by weight and 15–20% dietary fber. Essential Formulas Inc. (EFI) has launched a range of chia-based omega-3 products tabbed for the heart and brain health categories. Te fsh oil-alternative Chia Omega line is comprised of four vegan or vegetarian, encapsulated products: Chia Omega + CoQ10, Chia Omega + Vitamin D3 (vegetarian), Chia Omega + Enzymes, and Chia Omega + EPA & DHA. According to EFI, chia seeds "ofer more ALA Omega-3 than fsh oil or fax seed oil and are considered to be one of the planet's richest and most sustainable sources of this essential fatty acid." Coral Minerals for Joint Health Coral LLC has introduced Coral Joint & Collagen Support, a formula developed for healthy bones and joint fexibility, without excipients, fowing agents, or fllers. Te physician-created formula is said to contain synergistic ingredients, including: EcoSafe coral minerals and vitamins D3, K1, and K2 ( for bone support); GreenGrow vegetable-source glucosamine and Purefex Chondroitin and MSM ( for joint support); undenatured Bio-Collagen UC-II; and Betaine HCL, calcium ascorbate, and malic acid to assist in nutrient absorption. Coral Joint & Collagen Support is sold in bottles of 120 vegetarian capsules and retails for $49.95. Te suggested dosage is four capsules per day. Whole-Food Skin Supplement Standard Process describes its new Regeneplex supplement as a "multivitamin designed to support skin on a cellular level." According to the company, key ingredients like buckwheat; vitamin C; an extract of guava, holy basil, and lemon; and a vitamin B complex support the natural cellular rejuvenation process within all three layers of the skin, benefting both elasticity and luminance. Te company says that a 2011 placebocontrolled clinical study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology showed that Regeneplex improved skin appearance and decreased fne lines and wrinkles. 70 magenta cyan yellow black Pomegranate Juice Blends POM Wonderful LLC has extended its refrigerated juice range with the creation of three tropical 100% juice blends that hinge on its signature pomegranate juice. POM Coconut, POM Hula, and POM Mango, launched in June, are formulated with coconut water, and pineapple, organic apple, mango, and pear juices. Te Tropical Blend juices are packaged in POM Wonderful's iconic bottles, now accented with tropical graphics. Each beverage retails for $2.99. September 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES314298_NO1309_070.pgs 08.31.2013 00:17 UBM

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