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LATESTLaunches The newest fnished products on the market. Stevia Jams Te new "lett frå naturen" ("light from nature") product line from Lerum Fabrikker (Sogndal, Norway) is a reduced sugar product range of jams and juices. Tey don't sacrifce taste, thanks to the use of Optesse HPS, a stevia sweetener from Sweet Green Fields (Bellingham, WA). Optesse HPS consists of purifed Rebaudioside A, which was created for use in drink and baked good formulations that contain 33–50% sugar and fructose. Optesse HPS products are produced using the company's patented Fast Precipitation Process that quickly extracts stevia glycosides. Tree products from Lerum Fabrikker's line of dilutable fruit drinks and jams—strawberry jam, raspberry jam and apple-pear juice concentrate—were named "remarkable" products and awarded two golden stars at the annual iTQi Superior Taste Awards held in Brussels, Belgium. Mocha Meal Supplement Amazing Grass has expanded its Amazing Meal line with a new Café Mocha favor. Te product features 100 mg of organic cafeine in every serving for a "protein-packed…all-natural, plant-based boost of energy." Like each of the other Amazing Meal products, Café Mocha is a USDA-certifed, protein and meal supplement ofering 100% whole food nutrition mixes made with a blend of certifed organic plant proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Te product is vegan, raw, and free of dairy, gluten, and soy. Each serving of Amazing Meal ofers 10 g of complete protein, and 6 g of soluble and insoluble fber. Each serving is 90 calories. Cassava Chips With 30–40% less fat and double the fber of regular potato chips, gluten-free chips from CrispRoot are billed to provide a tasty and nutritional chip. Made from the root of the cassava plant (also known as the yucca in South America), CrispRoot Chips dovetail into a variety of diets—none of the products contain refned sugars, artifcial sweeteners, trans-fats, cholesterol, artifcial preservatives, colorings, yeast, gluten, wheat, or dairy. CrispRoot Chips are seasoned with all-natural ingredients and are available in four favors: Original (evaporated cane juice, sea salt, garlic powder); Sea Salt (sea salt only); BBQ Bliss (evaporated cane juice, sea salt, dried onion powder, garlic powder, paprika powder, and spices); and Tai Ginger (evaporated cane juice, sea salt, spices, onion powder, leeks, and natural Tai favors). Gluten-Free Dessert Mixes Among Friends has launched a line of six favor-forward, gluten free, "from scratch style" baking mixes, formulated to appeal to kids and their health-minded parents. Te mixes are comprised of one fruit crisp mix and fve cookie mixes, each eschewing typical gluten-free starches and white rice four in favor of nutritious, gluten-free oat four, fax seeds, almond meal, spelt, and coconut. Te line includes wholegrain chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal chocolate cranberry coconut, chocolate brownie bite, and molasses crinkle cookies. According to Among Friends, each mix can deliver fresh-baked snacks in less than 10 minutes. Among Friends mixes are sold in 13–16 oz. bags and retail for $5.99 each. 68 magenta cyan yellow black September 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES314297_NO1309_068.pgs 08.31.2013 00:17 UBM

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