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pet Health One of Kemin's approaches to pet digestive health is with pre- and probiotics. Te company markets a patented prebiotic/probiotic formula called RESOURCES Protegrity GI, which contains an unusual strain of bacteria, Bacillus subtilis strain PB6. Boookout says his company has over 50 scientifc studies showing the benefts of PB6 in supporting gastrointestinal health. But Alley-Zarkades says the key issue with probiotics is still shelf-stability. "Many formulas out there don't have the stability to keep the bacterial colonies alive and deliver the actual colonies over time," she says. To address this problem, HORN ofers Biomatrix's bioSecure brand stabilized probiotics. M2 Ingredients (San Marcos, CA) grows 10 diferent species of mushrooms on organic oats in a controlled laboratory environment. Te mushrooms are then dehydrated and fnely milled into powder for use in dietary supplements for humans, pets, and horses. "I think it's still a little too exotic for people, but M2 has made some inroads into the market—they have equine products and dog products," Alley-Zarkades says. Biothera (Eagan, MN) manufactures foodgrade beta-glucan for use in supplements and foods, including its proprietary 1,3-1,6 branch beta-glucan derived from yeast. "Basically, beta-glucans get the immune system on 'code red,' so it's able to react more quickly to any type of foreign invader or infection that comes into play in the animal," says Chris Gudaitis, general manager at Sensient Biopharma & Savory Flavors (Indianapolis), a food and favors company partnering with Biothera. "We're looking at incorporating this product into various delivery systems, whether it be in one of our pet palatants, or a product that a processor would incorporate into their mixes or meals." Medicinal mushrooms contain beta-glucans and other nutrients that activate immune cells. Remember Euell Gibbons asking, "Ever eat a pine tree?" He may have been on to something. Previda, Stratum's prebiotic ingredient for dog and cat food, is a hemicellulose extract made from wood chip byproducts of southern yellow pine. Te extract contains the fber-rich carbohydrates galactoglucomannan oligosaccharides, or GGMOs. Te carbohydrates are extracted from pine with nothing but steam, and "almost like a syrup… eventually it is spray-dried into the Previda product," says Middlebos. Neil Price, a chemist from the USDA's Agriculture Research Service, recently conducted a study in conjunction with the University of Illinois on how the carbohydrates in Previda afect gut health in dogs. Dogs that ate kibble with Previda had several signifcant indicators of a healthy lower digestive system, including an increase in benefcial Bifidobacterium bacteria. Immune System Tere's immune magic in mushrooms, AlleyZarkades believes, and the science backs her up. Medicinal mushrooms contain beta-glucans and other nutrients that activate immune cells to more efectively kill pathogenic viruses and bacteria—even cancer cells. 66 magenta cyan yellow black Tasty Treat—or Supplement? According to Packaged Facts, the boundary between pet foods and supplements is blurring. Palatability is always an issue in pet supplements and this has led to an explosion in the functional treat category. NoviPet, an Israeli-based company now expanding into the United States, has developed a unique soft chew delivery system, which is soon to be patented. Guy Setton, head of international business development, says NoviPet's parent company originally developed the soft chews for use in children. "Tey realized that children have a serious problem taking pills and tablets," said Setton. "Tey came up with a very tasty soft chew that included the active ingredients inside." Te product was successful and it was hard to ignore the similarities between pilling pets and kids, so the company developed a soft chew supplement line for dogs and cats. NoviPet's soft chews are individually blisterpacked to ensure that each chew contains the intended dose, and that freshness is preserved, Setton says. NoviPet initially began ofering standard supplements in 2011, such as joint health and omega-3 products, but this year the company has added an herbal calming aid, a digestive health soft chew for dogs, and a hairball soft chew for cats. In the coming year, NoviPet hopes to add a colostrum-based chew for puppies and a joint health product for cats. In addition to NoviPet's emergence in the U.S. market, Cloud Star, a manufacturer of all-natural pet products, announced its Dynamo Dog Functional Treats line, with oferings in joint health, skin and coat, and digestive health. Fat Cats and Chubby Chihuahuas To date, most approaches to maintaining healthy weight in pets have relied on reducing calories and increasing fber. Although L-carnitine has received some bad press in the news lately for possibly contributing to heart disease in people, it may have some health benefts as a promotor of healthy weight in dogs and cats. Alley-Zarkades says that some large pet food companies are adding L-carnitine to their canine and feline formulas. "Clinical work done with animals used for production, like pigs, fnds that it helps lay down lean muscle mass instead of fat mass," she explains. Medium chain triglycerides, which have been shown to promote fat oxidation, are another ingredient that helps L-carnitine function at a cellular level. "You will start to see that combination in pet foods and it certainly could be ofered in supplements, as well," she says. Katherine Kahn, DVM is a freelance health and science writer based in Northampton, Massachusetts. 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