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several independent studies show UC-II is as efective as glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate in reducing arthritic pain and exerciseassociated lameness in dogs. What's more, Martin says, "UC-II is only 40 milligrams once a day—a very tiny amount compared to the 3600 milligrams often recommended for dogs. You can hide 40 milligrams in a dog chew or in food." HORN (La Mirada, CA), a distributor of specialty ingredients and raw materials, is looking into alternative sources for hyaluronic acid. Lisa Alley-Zarkades, vice president of animal wellness at HORN, says, "In terms of hyaluronic acid, how you get it and how you deliver it is really important." AlleyZarkades says that her company is looking at quahog—hard-shell clam— as a new source. "Te amount of hyaluronic acid in quahog is really high," she says. Eggshell membrane is another relative newcomer to the joint supplement world, for both human and pet supplements. Te in- gredient is high not only in glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, but also in collagen. ESM Technologies (Carthage, MO) uses a patented manufacturing process to produce its NEM eggshell membrane product. Stratum Nutrition, an ingredients supplier and joint venture partner with ESM Technologies, offers NEM for use in pet supplements. Ingmar Middlebos, manager of specialty products and the pet market at Stratum, says, "Tis really started out as a human nutraceutical, but it also works quite well in supporting joint health in dogs and cats." Although there haven't been any animal studies on eggshell membrane, several published studies in humans have shown that 500 mg per day of NEM is more efective than placebo in alleviating joint stifness and pain—and it starts working in 7–10 days, researchers claim. However, Middlebos says that eggshell membrane is not an AAFCOapproved food ingredient. "Tat presents a hurdle for adding NEM to pet food—which we're looking to overcome—but it doesn't present a hurdle for the dietary supplement side of things." Pet Research, a manufacturer of pet supplements, announced in 2012 that its new Wag Lifetime Joint Care product would include NEM as an ingredient. Other new joint health supplements introduced to pets this year included Jusuru Pet Blend, containing BioCell Collagen®, and Canine Flex Support from Standard Process Inc, containing ginger, turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Ins and Outs of Gut Health Gastrointestinal health is a growing segment in pet supplement markets because, as Bill Bookout of Kemin Health LC (Des Moines, IA) explains, "It's not just about what comes out of a pet's gastrointestinal tract that's important. Te gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune organ in the body, and gastrointestinal health and performance have a really signifcant infuence on long-term health." 500 - Bottle Minimum Order International PDQXIDFWXULQJ )/$9256DQG(1=<0(6 WRGD\IRU\RXU $1,0$/DQG 9(7(5,1$5< F.D.A. LICENSED G.M.P. FACILITY 1-800-600-4634 QHHGVWRPRUURZ (1=<0(6 3527(,16 )/$9256 HQ]\PHV#DPHULFDQODERUDWRULHVFRP ZZZDPHULFDQODERUDWRULHVFRP NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK magenta cyan yellow black ■ 284 Industry Way Upland, CA 91786 65 SEPTEMBER 2013 ES315877_NO1309_065.pgs 09.04.2013 21:15 UBM

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