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Beauty The Body Deli's new Palm Springs collection, made with Medjool dates, among other natural ingredients. Fermented Ingredients Probiotic ingredient supplier Ganeden Biotech's (Cleveland) newest ingredient, Bonicel, is the frst-ever probiotic-derived personal care ingredient backed by science, according to Ganeden. Te company launched the ingredient in March 2012. Bonicel is derived from Ganeden's welldocumented probiotic strain Ganeden BC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) and is produced naturally during Ganeden BC30's fermentation process. Te company says it utilizes proprietary processes to optimize the metabolic activity of the fermenting organism to produce maximum amounts of naturally derived L+ Lactic acid, bacteriocins, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes, and other metabolites. "We've performed four clinical studies on Bonicel—three with lotion and one with soap—and they all showed signifcant improvements in the appearance of fne lines and wrinkles, pore size, and redness, as well as improvements in moisturization, hydration, and elasticity," says Michael Bush, Ganeden vice president of business development. "It would be perfect to use in a product that claims to combat the 'seven signs of aging.' Bush says quite a few beauty companies are now looking into formulating with Bonicel, with several launches expected later this year. Speaking of fermented ingredients, beauty brand Indigena's Land & Sea Exfoliant launched in June 2013 with fermented blueberry power. "Te beneft of choosing a fermented product is twofold," says founder Walsh. "First, it has a very pleasant blueberry scent that engages the user immediately. Second, the fermented blueberry immediately tones down the redness and irritation associated with sensitive skin. It cools, tones, and calms the skin. Plus, it has a subtle lightening efect." Coconut Water Beyond the beverage aisle, coconut water is proving extremely useful and versatile in natural beauty formulations. Te Body Deli is in the midst of reformulating its entire product line by replacing its AntiAging And nAturAl: good together Natural product shoppers want products that provide antiaging benefts and powerful antioxidants. The global antiaging products market is expected to reach almost $292 billion in 2015, according to market researcher Global Industry Analysts. Market researcher SPINS reports that during the 52 weeks ending May 11, 2013, sales of antiaging skincare products rose 22%, and sales of antiaging cosmetics rose 80%; meanwhile, sales of antioxidant skincare and cosmetic products rose 16% and 6%, respectively. SPINS says it recently needed to add 17 new and expanded attributes for body care across nine categories, to more accurately cover the market and gain insights into what is driving consumer purchasing decisions. Antioxidant and antiaging claims are two of the new attributes on its list. "Antiaging is always a booming market," says Kim Wells, personal care brand manager for Now Foods, which launched an antiaging skin care line in May. "Even natural consumers are looking for the next 'miracle cream.'" The company's new products contain Mitostime, a branded extract from brown algae, which the company says can promote the production of collagen and help skin "breathe" by increasing oxygen absorption and the release of carbon dioxide. SEPTEMBER 2013 magenta cyan yellow black ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES315748_NO1309_060.pgs 09.04.2013 04:17 UBM

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