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Beauty Blueberry Bliss Body Scrub, which contains blueberry seeds from Newfoundland. "Newfoundland is the only place that has pest-free blueberries, with the highest antioxidant content," claims founder Lisa Walsh. "Te uniform seeds provide an excellent exfoliation." Walsh says Indigena conducted its own studies of the antioxidant properties of 36 edible native berry plants of Newfoundland, in collaboration with Memorial University of Newfoundland's Biology and Botanical Garden and several scientists on the brand's advisory board. Walsh says she always looks for natural actives that have a high antioxidant capacity for free radical scavenging above 90%. But, while Newfoundland may have intriguing raw materials that ofer antiaging and skin benefts, Walsh does admit that "Everything in skincare ultimately follows food trends." So, what are the ingredients likely to be trending next? Here are some that beauty companies are calling attention to. Plant Stem Cells Ingredients frm Sederma's (Le Perray-enYvelines, France) latest antiaging obsession is plant stem cells. In April 2013, the company introduced Senestem, its newest hightech active ingredient from plant stem cells. "Senestem is proven to fade signs of senescence, which is the process of cellular deterioration with age," says Sonia Dawson, marketing manager for IRB by Sederma. IRB is Sederma's Institute of Biotechnological Research, based in Italy, which has enhanced plant cell technology through its exclusive, eco-sustainable "HTN" biotech method. "Tis method yields high and reproducible levels of key plant actives for advanced cosmetic results," says Dawson. Calcium Phosphate For Better Bone Health* Studies show microRNAs are responsible for triggering senescence. The latest science on calcium phosphates and bone health Innophos A-TAB®, DI-TAB®, TRI-TAB® and Calipharm® calcium phosphates are perfect choices for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulators. These high quality products are available in a variety of grades from our regularly audited facilities. We can assist with your formulation requirements for liquids, tablets or powders. Our team offers the expertise to help you include nutritional and functional phosphates in new product development. You provide the challenges and we'll provide the solutions. Call Technical Assistance at (866) 631-7394. Call Innophos Customer Service today at (800) 243-5052 to place your order. "Clinical studies sponsored by Innophos indicate that both calcium and phosphorus are essential for developing healthier bones.* *"Calcium phosphates promoted signifcant improvement in bone mineralization and bone strength compared to calcium alone", R. Shapiro and R.P. Heaney - Co-dependence of calcium and phosphorus for growth and bone development under conditions of varying defciency. Bone; 2003;32:532-540" Innovate with Phosphate™ 56 magenta cyan yellow black As one ages, the functionality of cells responsible for building the skin matrix changes. "Prior to senescence, the skin's cells produce key structural proteins such as collagen and elastin and other molecules that maintain skin's vitality and frmness," says Dawson. "However, after senescence, these cells switch activity and produce high amounts of pro-aging molecules that breakdown the skin." Once these aging cells accumulate, skin starts to sag and thin, or age spots begin to appear. Studies show that signal-blocking molecules known as microRNAs are responsible for triggering senescence, according to Dawson. "Senestem combats senescence by targeting microRNAs, and it is the frst cosmetic ingredient to show such activity," SEPTEMBER 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES315745_NO1309_056.pgs 09.04.2013 04:17 UBM

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