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specifcally selected, since they are preferred by the specifc strains in the formula. According to Gregory Bonflio, Pharmachem director of business development, BIFIVIR was associated with a signifcant reduction in the quantity and duration of respiratory infections, as well as the intensity of related symptoms, in a placebo-controlled human trial. Similarly, Stratum Nutrition's BLIS K12 and BLIS M18, which Dockery describes as "rare strains of the common species of oral bacteria Streptococcus salivarius," have been the subjects of recent studies demonstrating potential for supporting upper respiratory health and dental/gum health, respectively. Te K12 strain was found to be particularly efective in inhibiting strains of bacteria that are frequently associated with bacterial sore throats (pharyngitis and tonsillitis) and middle ear (otitis media) infections. BLIS M18 colonizes around the gum line, and it has been found to present advantages for tooth and gum health. A recently published NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK magenta cyan yellow black ■ study demonstrated the M18 strain's potential for substantial benefts to dental and gingival health. "Tough preliminary in its results regarding the efectiveness of BLIS M18, this study does provide additional substantiated safety and a trend toward efectiveness as a dental care supplement," says Dockery comments. "Research in an adult population and with more recent generations of the M18 strain should clearly indicate the protective capabilities of these unique oral bacteria." And work continues in prebiotic and probiotic delivery options. New from Sabinsa, as part of its INC (Integrated Nutritional Composite) project, is its synbiotic LactoWise bilayer tablet. It is designed to keep the prebiotic and probiotic components in separate layers until the tablet arrives in the gut. Also at work on the delivery front is Robinson Pharma Inc. (Santa Ana, CA). In partnership with B&D Nutritional Ingredients Inc. (Vista, CA) and Unique Biotech (Hyderabad, India), the company just launched a Unique IS-2 probiotic softgel, delivering the Unique IS-2 Bacillus coagulans strain in an easy-toswallow, shelf-stable softgel. According to a Robinson Pharma press release, the strain offers temperature stability, resistant to gastric acids, and survival through transit within the gastro-intestinal tract. Speaking of the survival of B. coagulans, Nebraska Cultures' ProDURA, according to Shahani, was tested against other B. coagulans and was found to resist heat over 100 [degree sign] C. Te ingredient survived twice as long as other forms in a heat-resistance test, which is critical for food applications where thermal stability is needed. Prebiotics and probiotics, as well as synbiotics, comprise one of the most intensive nutritional supplement categories. Teir innovations, along with the enlightening research fndings, will give brand marketers tremendous motivation for new launches and reformulations for a long time to come. For a list of references, visit: 51 september 2013 ES315778_NO1309_051.pgs 09.04.2013 04:20 UBM

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