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bone Health LycoRed (Beer Sheva, Israel). Te product, Lyc-O-Fem, combines vitamin D3 with the phytoestrogen genistein and natural tomato lycopene. Genistein in its aglycone form "appears to be the most efective isofavone in preserving bone health," says Tal Ofer, PhD, product development manager at LycoRed. Te company uses a natural genistein extracted from Sophora japonica—the Japanese Pagoda Tree—standardized to 98% and delivered in a slow-release formulation. "Tis technology allows better and more convenient compliance due to the ability to maintain a steady-state level of the phytohormone in the body for a longer period of time," says Ofer. As for the lycopene, not only has it been shown to have a benefcial efect on bone modulation during osteoporosis, but Offer says the carotenoid appears to ameliorate the adverse efects of some forms of hormone replacement therapy. To wit, estrogen-based treatments activate estrogen receptor alpha (ER-α), which "is associated with increased risk of breast cancer and uterine stimulation," says Ofer. "Te Considering collagen's intimacy with calcium in the skeletal matrix, its supplementation might be a boon to bone health, too. Indeed, research fnds that a patented compound of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and calcium "supports increased bone mineral density and fexibility," says Lund. Te compound, called KoACT, delivers collagen and calcium in a form that is said to mimic bone's natural biological structure. "Te result is a synergistic efect of both calcium and collagen in bone, creating superior bone strength," says Lund. A human clinical trial on KoACT randomly assigned 20 postmenopausal women to daily supplementation with either 500 mg of elemental calcium (calcium carbonate) or 5 g of KoACT (also with 500 mg of elemental calcium) for three months. Analysis of totalbody bone mineral density showed a respective decrease and increase from baseline in the control and KoACT groups, respectively, between which the diference was highly signifcant. Te study will continue to verify the observations through a six-month regime. Lund says the research is pending publication, and specifc data may soon be available. Calcium's partnership with other minerals has proven critical for improving bone health. 540 Barnum Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06608 T F 203| 336-8330 203| 336-5508 42 magenta cyan yellow black combination of genistein, an ER-β selective compound, with natural tomato lycopene, which has been found to inhibit estrogen activity in breast cells but not in bone cells, ofers an integrative and safe approach." Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD, head of R&D at NattoPharma ASA (Oslo, Norway), notes that preclinical and human studies credit long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids with enhancing calcium absorption, reducing urinary calcium excretion, and increasing bone calcium content. In particular, says Badmaev, supplementation with omega-3 DHA appears to correlate signifcantly with bone density and bone calcium content in studies on experimental animals. Further, he says that DHA supplementation increases absorption of calcium and accrual of calcium in bone signifcantly more than omega-3 EPA. Calcium carbonate—the calcium form used in the aforementioned study—is the most common form of calcium found in nature, and it contains the highest levels of elemental calcium: 35% to 40%, ESM's Dockery says. But, in the absence of adequate gastric acid, our bodies often inefciently absorb calcium carbonate. Moreover, calcium carbonate mined from rock or seashell may carry a substantial load of heavy metals, says Dockery. Eggshell calcium, by contrast, is an allnatural, food-derived form with heavy metal levels well below even California's strict Proposition 65 mandates, she says. In addition to delivering about 35% elemental calcium, eggshell calcium benefts from specifc "transport proteins" that Dockery claims make it "as absorbable as calcium citrate and other highly absorbable forms that contain less elemental calcium." September 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES314196_NO1309_042.pgs 08.30.2013 23:49 UBM

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