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MaRkETing ened considerably in the wake of new health claims regulations, with companies tending to focus on the actual components in juice blends in particular, relying on consumers to connect certain ingredients with certain benefts. An interesting initiative in October 2012, however, was the setting up of a joint venture between the world's largest drinks company Coca-Cola and healthcare company Sanof to sell health drinks at selected French pharmacies, reportedly to test demand for beverages with beauty claims. Te water and juice beverages called Beautifc, and sold under the Oenobiol supplements brand, include products for hair and nail care, weight loss, sun exposure/skin health, and general vitality. Rival Nestlé already tried targeting the pharmacy sector with its Glowelle supplement-style beauty drink with antioxidant vitamins, phyto-nutrients, botanicals, and fruit extracts. Te product launched in 2008 but was withdrawn in 2011. Te Coca-Cola/ Sanof pilot now also has the issue of the tough new EU health claims laws to address. It is clear that outside of Asia, the beauty food and drinks market is still in its infancy, but it is increasingly being driven by the growing number of women who want to maintain or achieve a youthful and beautiful outward appearance. As well as interest in anti-aging products, the concept of "beauty from within" is now widely recognised and driving demand among all age groups. Innova Market Insights is your source for new-product data. The Innova Database ( is the product of choice for the whole productdevelopment team, offering excellent product pictures, search possibilities, and analysis. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world: track trends, competitors, ingredients, and flavors. In today's fast-moving environment, this is a resource you cannot afford to be without. T LY R E STERED ND EN GI E P END Meanwhile Genesis Today markets a range of anti-aging drinks based on superfruit combinations, with a 2012 addition being the supplement-style Seabuckthorn100 juice, with seabuckthorn described as "one of the world's original cosmetics." Another 2012 arrival in the United States was Seksi Pearl Infused Beauty, a lightly-carbonated low-calorie drink containing pearl powder and favoured with pomegranate. It is sold in cans featuring a "refreshingly beautiful" strapline. Aloe vera, already mentioned in connection with the dairy market, is also featuring in the U.S. drinks market, with the Aloe Gloe range of natural aloe water drinks from L.A. Aloe focusing on cardiovascular and skin health benefts. Lakewood Organic also sells its own aloe juice drinks and blends focusing on skin and digestive health. Te soft drinks market in Europe has also seen some activity in skin health/beauty products, although it remains highly fragmented and actual claims have been soft- I s G MP s Manufacturing Facility 30 magenta cyan yellow black SEPTEMBER 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES315779_NO1309_030.pgs 09.04.2013 04:20 UBM

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