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Mitochondria Powerhouse Mitochondria power-up cells...conducting biochemical processes of respiration and energy production. Nicotinamide riboside (NR) promotes mitochondrial function through using a more efficient pathway to deliver NAD+ for use by the body, boosting NAD+ levels which are essential compounds that enable cells to convert fuel to energy. NIAGENTM from ChromaDex®, is a natureidentical and the first and only commercially-available form of NR with four patents issued or pending. n io ct te Pe rfo ro eu rm N anc o pr e Me Ag i y lth ea H olis m ar scul iova CardHealth ng tab ingredients Expect innovation. +1.949.600.9733 magenta cyan yellow black © 2013 ChromaDex. All rights reserved. ES314749_NO1309_029_FP.pgs 08.31.2013 01:58 UBM

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