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Company News InSea2 Ingredient Now Organic Certifed FMC COrP. ACquIrES EPAX AS FMC Corp. (Philadelphia) has acquired EPAX AS (Oslo, Norway) for $345 million. Acquiring an omega-3 EPA and DHA supplier bolsters FMC's business in food and nutraceutical ingredients, which also includes functional ingredients such as carrageenan, pectin, and cellulose. By acquiring EPAX, FMC inherits the Norwegian company's fsh oil production facilities in Alesund, Norway and Seal Sands, UK. EPAX will continue to supply highly concentrated fsh oils to its former owner, Trygg Pharma Group AS, as part of the fnancial agreement. Companies Partner on Encapsulated Iron Frutarom Health (Wädenswil, Switzerland) and biotech frm AB-Biotics (Barcelona, Spain) have signed an exclusive global agreement allowing Frutarom to sell and market AB-Biotics' encapsulated iron for functional food. Te companies say its AB-Fortis iron ingredient provides the recommended daily amount of iron in a single dose, while avoiding the metallic taste and classic side efects common of standard iron. Such side efects can include dental darkening, gastrointestinal upset, and nausea, the frms say. Encapsulated iron is suited for products rich in fat, such as milk or yogurt. And it won't cause oxidation. AB-Fortis reportedly resists high temperatures and can be used in formulations spanning a wide range of pH levels. Iron defciency is prevalent worldwide, and iron supplements must often be given at high doses due to poor absorption. Ecocert has granted organic certifcation to InSea2, a brown seaweed–based polyphenol ingredient targeting blood sugar management. InnoVactiv (Rimouski, QC, Canada), the manufacturer of InSea2, says that the ingredient can inhibit both alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes, helping to sustain healthy postprandial blood glucose levels in humans. Ecocert organic certifcation is recognized by USDA. Certifcation includes the validation of ingredients, production methods, and preparation procedures according to U.S. and Canadian regulations. BASF Signs Algae Deal BASF (Ludwigshafen, Germany) announced a new algae ingredients partnership with the aquaculture frm National Prawn Co. Getting the right product liability insurance for your supplements can be as complex as making them. It takes someone who really knows and understands your industry. Greg Doherty has specialized experience in the supplements industry that ordinary insurance brokers don't. So he can answer questions others can't, like: +RZ many carriers can provide a quote for me? $re all my ingredients covered in a policy? +RZ can we reduce our premiums? Greg is the recognized authority in product liability coverage and knows how to help you maximize your coverage and minimize your costs. That should help you sleep better than melatonin. Call Greg direct today at (800) 316-4210 or visit him on the web at 20 magenta cyan yellow black SEPTEMBER 2013 ■ NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES314243_NO1309_020.pgs 08.31.2013 00:07 UBM

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