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Company News City of Hope (Duarte, CA) will soon begin studying the effects of pterostilbene on the treatment of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer at its Beckman Research Institute (BRICOH). The comprehensive cancer research and treatment center has partnered with ChromaDex Corp. (Irvine, CA), who will supply its pTeroPure brand pterostilbene for use in preclinical in vitro and mouse model experiments designed to determine the ingredient's potential therapeutic treatment benefts. Past in vitro studies suggest that pterostilbene, an antioxidant primarily found in blueberries, is able to prevent the growth of several common cancer cell malignancies with negligible toxicity. According to ChromaDex, earlier studies have acknowledged pterostilbene's pronounced bioavailability in comparison to other stilbene compounds, but the ingredient's mechanisms of actions in humans still warrant further study. "By providing materials to BRICOH for preclinical studies, we will learn more about the potential of pTeroPure's application in cancer," says Frank Jaksch, ChromaDex founder and CEO. "This relationship will complement our ongoing partnership with UC Irvine, where we are supporting ongoing research on pTeroPure's use for nonmelanoma skin cancer." u.S. Customers Can Buy Fenchem Hydrocolloids With seven years of a U.S. presence under its belt, Fenchem Biotek Ltd. (Chino, CA) continues to extend its vast array of ingredients to U.S. customers. Te company just announced that its range of hydrocolloid and gum systems is now available locally. One of Fenchem's specialties with hydrocolloid systems is FenGum CMC, a carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) that enhances both mouthfeel and moisture retention in foods and drinks. While other suppliers ofer fewer CMC grades which overlap product categories, Fenchem supplies its CMC in a range of viscosities tailored for diferent products. Fenchem's other offerings in this broad category include the 18 magenta cyan yellow black Fen-Colloids family, a range of stabilizer systems with very specifc applications, ranging from chocolate milks to higher-acid beverages, to desserts. For customers outside of the United States, Fenchem recently opened ofces in Cologne, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa. DuPont Brings Probiotics to China DuPont Nutrition & Health (Wilmington, DE) has started production at its new probiotics blending and packaging facility in Beijing. Te plant targets growing demand for probiotics and cultured products, especially in the China and Asia Pacifc region, the company says. According to DuPont, the new site will custom blend and package ready-to-market probiotic formulations of DuPont's Danisco Howaru and FloraFit probiotic brands. DuPont says its investment in the China plant is part of a global, multiyear expansion program for its cultures and probiotics business that also includes business in the United States and Europe. New Astaxanthin Plant Can Double Production Due to increased demand for its AstaReal astaxanthin brand, Fuji Health Science Inc. (Burlington, NJ) is planning to build a new manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, Washington. Te company says the plant will more than double AstaReal production by 2015. It expects the site to start producing asaxanthin by summer 2014. Te environment in Moses Lake—natural fresh water lakes and a fertile ecosystem—is well suited to astaxanthin production. Te new facility will use what the company says is an environmentally friendly, pure bioreactor cultivation technology for the freshwater microalga Haematococcus pluvialis. Fuji Health Science says demand for natural astaxanthin is on the rise, estimating that the current global market for the ingredient is valued at $200 million, with expectations of $700 million by 2017. Pharmachem Buys Aloe Business Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (Kearny, NJ), through its wholly owned subsidiary Improve USA, has acquired the Aloe vera business of Florida Food Products, including its Aloe Con product line. "Tis purchase strategically complements our existing aloe vera raw material supply business at Improve," said Peter Hafermann, president of Improve USA. The acquisition will also leverage the contract manufacturing abilities of Improve USA's Alix Technologies division for aloe vera nutraceutical and personal care applications. Thomas Brown, vice president of Florida Foods Products, said the purchase signals his company's exist from the aloe business. Vice president of sales Oliver Andersen, will join Improve USA as vice president. SEPTEMBER 2013 ■ SEAnRMcDERMiD/iSTockPhoTo.coM; DonnichoLS/iSTockPhoTo.coM; g-MinER/iSTockPhoTo.coM CITY OF HOPE PArTNErS WITH CHrOMADEX NUTRITIONAL OUTLOOK ES314242_NO1309_018.pgs 08.31.2013 00:07 UBM

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