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Nutritional Outlook, September 2013

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THEIR SECRET TO BETTER ENERGY WE COULD ALL USE BETTER ENERGY. And world class triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett are letting us in on their secret. They use Bioenergy Ribose to help them sustain their energy, recover faster and reduce muscle stiffness. It's all natural and best of all: it's not just for elite athletes like Greg and Laura. It's a safe, clinically-proven ingredient for anyone who needs extra energy to make it through their busy week. Add Bioenergy Ribose to your products and be part of the team that will help people everywhere enjoy the secret to better energy. Join Team Ribose Today. The Powerful Energy Ingredient 1.877.4RIBOSE | magenta cyan yellow black ES314672_NO1309_009_FP.pgs 08.31.2013 01:43 UBM

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