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[ Case History ] Speaking to Consumers from the Shelf Photographic-quality graphics convey an oral care brand's unique purpose. by Daphne Allen, Editor T he Original TUNG Gel from Peak Enterprises is now relaunching in Japan with a new package, an injectionmolded tube with in-mold labeling. The new tube has already been recognized for its North American market debut in awards programs by both the New Jersey Packaging Executive's Club and The Tube Council. Tom Oechslin, president of Peak Enterprises, had worked with a dentist more than 10 years ago to codesign the product "for the purposes of aiding in the removal of bacteria that is located in the nooks and crannies of the surface of the tongue that are responsible for bad breath 90% of the time," he tells Tube News. "The product contains a zinc compound that is designed to neutralize the sulfur gasses that the bacteria give off, which is what you smell as bad breath. Because of that ingredient, we require that a barrier be in place in the package to preserve that component. In addition, the product is differentiated from toothpaste in the way it rinses from The Original TUNG Brush." Oechslin says he had originally considered different types of delivery systems, and two factors pointed his team to a tube. "This is a new concept despite the time it has been on the shelf," he says. "Niche products like this take time to penetrate the market, so therefore cost is a major factor in this decision. In addition, customers are accustomed to oral care products being in a tube." Standout graphics were also in order. Oechslin's team did consider using a box to graphically show the purpose of the product, but Oechslin said "we felt that was very 'common.' We were looking for more bang for the buck with our TUNG Gel tube in that we wanted it to be much more effective in carrying the brand message of why a consumer should have this product in their oral care arsenal. The billboard, if you will. We searched high and low for opportunites to 'grab the consumer' as they walked down the aisle. We eventually went to HBA 2011 in NYC on a quest for a solution. After walking the entire show, frustrated that we were not finding a delivery system that grabbed our attention or a tube manufacturer that could deliver graphics to the standards we expected, we realized that we had missed the last aisle at the far side of the expo. Figuring that 10 magenta cyan yellow black we might as well make the effort to check it out (with little expectation) we made the trek. We rounded the corner and there it was...finally, a company that figured out to make a tube 'pop' with amazing graphics. Enter Viva. Game on." In 2012, Viva Healthcare Packaging provided an injectionmolded polypropylene tube with an in-mold label, Bruno Lebeault, marketing director, North America, for Viva, tells Tube News. "The in-mold label is made in-house with extruded cast polypropylene (CPP) and then printed on integrated printing operations that consist of Esko software for artwork management, in-house plate making, Gallus 10 station printing press (flexo, offset, silkscreen, cold foil on line), and then cut with a high precision rotary Schober cutter," he explains. "The in-mold label is then inserted into the injection mold with high precision robotics on various Sumitomo lines. The tube is injection molded in one piece and then automatically further processed onto the same line for foil seal application, in-houseproduced caps application, and packaging. The benefits include graphics, short leadtimes, and high sustainability (100% PP)." Oechslin's team carefully chose its graphics to convey the brand's unique message. "We quickly concluded that the picture had to truly be worth a thousand words and landed on the idea of using as much of the tube as possible to show that this product is not toothpaste and is really for the tongue. And on top of it, 'this' is the tool you need to apply it (TUNG Brush). The question was whether or not Viva could take a high quality TubeNews•September2013 ES317283_TN1309_010.pgs 09.07.2013 03:30 UBM

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