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[ Case History ] Smooth Approach to Hair Care Stock tubes with metallic effects are employed to convey silky smooth, shiny hair. T ubes are being utilized to package hair care products in a new line from Superdrug, a major force in Britain's health and beauty aids marketplace. Superdrug's Style Expertise consists of professional hair styling products especially designed to deliver results that help hair stand out from the crowd, it was reported in a press release issued by M&H Plastics, which worked with Superdrug. 8 magenta cyan yellow black M&H Plastics also collaborated with Superdrug's contract filler Mibelle to produce a range of products featuring metalliceffect packaging. This effect is intended to "convey the end benefit: silky smooth, shiny hair," M&H reports. The packages feature a bright turquoise color with natural colored closures for a contemporary look, M&H explains. "The point of difference is that the products were Tube News • September 2013 ES317692_TN1309_008.pgs 09.09.2013 23:28 UBM

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