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[ Case History ] photograph, get it on the tube, and have it be the primary statement the customer sees while fitting in the pertinent info through words. At the end of the day, they did." Viva's process "enables photographic quality on 100% of the tube surface, including the crimping area and all the way down to the cap, with a seamless look," reports Lebeault. "In the case of the TUNG Gel graphics, you can clearly see part of the nose without having to reduce the size of the teeth." Peak Enterprises had originally employed another tube, a laminated tube with an EVOH barrier. The new tube from Viva is an injection-molded tube with an in-mold label. "Graphically, no comparison," says Oechslin. "We changed colors and settled into the idea that we would be the brand to 'own' black in oral care." For The Original TUNG Gel, Japanese edition, "Viva added a foil layer sandwich-laminated between the two lay- ers of CPP to bring high barrier as well as to bring a very nice metallic shine in the part underneath the chin," says Lebeault. "The overlaminated CPP used has a matte finish, giving the packaging a soft touch effect," he says. "At the same time this same overlamination protects the graphics, making it scuff resistant during various filling and handling steps. This is a very important aspect for shiny metallic tubes." Oechslin reports "rave reviews from those in the professional CPG industry along with customers. Of course, our packaging award last November [from the NJPEC] was great confirmation. More importantly, sales have increased by well into the double digits since the launch." He adds that the tube "could be a trend setter. This technology allows for the opportunity to draw out emotion from the consumer. The quality of this tube rivals those offered in the beauty aisle. High-end and crystal clear graph- ics. For our Japanese launch this is crucial. Quality is a must. We believe the matte finish also makes a statement of quality as well." Adds LeBeault: "The Japanese packaging market is well known for its high quality requirements. The fact that TUNG Gel with the Viva tube was able to meet these requirements with success shows that Peak Enterprises and Viva were able to successfully comply with the highest standards." Concludes Oechslin: "We are jazzed about this package. Moreover, the team at Viva has really been a pleasure to work with. We certainly have run into challenges in the process, but the key isn't that those challenges existed, it has been how they have been solved by the Viva team. Timely, professional, accommodating all with the realization of what we are dealing with on our end. In the game we are in, those are very attractive characteristics. A very good, mutually beneficial partnership." ■ September2013•TubeNews magenta cyan yellow black 11 ES317656_TN1309_011.pgs 09.09.2013 23:21 UBM

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