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www.PackagingDigest.com SEPTEMBER 2013 // TRENDS 23 Simply the smartest solution for your conveyor system. Just when you think your production line has reached maximum efficiency, your customers demand more. Since 1965, Simplimatic has manufactured high quality conveyor systems for a variety of markets. We assist you through layout, design, integration and back it with excellent customer support. Extruded aluminum and stainless steel table-top and mat-top conveyors for: U PACKAGED FOODS U BEVERAGE U CHEMICAL Starbucks worked through the challenges of incorporating post-consumer fiber in its single-serve paper cup to help reduce its environmental impact. footprint of our packaging from cradle to grave. But we need to realize that our customers, and most consumers, are locked in on end-oflife as their defnition of sustainable packaging today. We need to create solutions for our customers so we can have broader conversations about the true sustainability of packaging and about the sustainability of our businesses.  Here's another example: Around 75 percent of our environmental footprint comes from the operation of our stores. Tree years ago, we made a commitment to reduce that operating footprint and set out to build every company-owned store in the world to be LEED-certifed. If you're familiar with the challenges of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certifcation system, that's a really big deal. Tat being said, if you ask any customer what is Starbucks' greatest environmental footprint, most of them will assume it's our cups.  I always jokingly say, I would much rather customers come into our stores and say "I choose to shop at Starbucks because you guys have this super-efcient HVAC system, because as a conscious consumer, I get that this is where the rubber hits the road when we talk about Starbucks' environmental impact and good for you guys for addressing it!" I know to even attempt to get to that point, what we're going to have to do is solve for the most pressing and prominent issue in their eyeswhich is our packaging. It's essential that we at Starbucks, and that we as an industry that's using single-serve packaging, solve these end-of-life issues for our customers regardless of the contribution they make to our total footprint, so that we can shift the conversation to more pressing environmental issues. If you look at the global problems we face around environmental degradation, climate change, water scarcity and other pressing issues, citizens and consumers have to be focused on what really matters if they are to play an impactful role in shifting the direction of current negative environmental trends. It's our job as businesses to help them understand where the real impacts lie and how the choices they make every day as consumers have a huge impact on the environment.  If we as a business sector are just placating their current perception of environmental impact—which we often do, unfortunately—we're not going to be able to cross that hurdle to really focus on solving the true and massive environmental issues we face. Yes, we cannot downplay the importance of solid waste management, including the impact that recycling and diversion have on climate change. But the conversation can't end here. Q: How can packaging help show a brand's commitment to environmental responsibility? How can your packaging communicate all of what you just said?  Hanna: Packaging is that tangible, touchable, seeable thing that is our Continued on page 24 U PHARMACEUTICAL & PRESCRIPTION FULFILLMENT U PERSONAL CARE & COSMETICS U BLOW MOLDING U CONSUMER & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS When complex packaging meets the need for speed, call us for smart and simple solutions. 434-385-9181 Sales@Simplimatic.com ~ Simplimatic.com Keep it smart. Keep it simple. VISIT US AT PACK EXPO BOOTH #1026 Simplimatic Automation is owned by Simplimatic Engineering Holdings, LLC a business development and private equity firm. Made in USA COLD Bonding Adhesives Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues, and tapes; featuring an instant, cold bond that requires zero dry time. Learn how to COOL your adhesive costs at www.gluedots.com/adhesives Glue Dots Adhesives & Equipment Glue Dots is proud to ofer a wide-range of adhesive and application options to ft your project needs. Glue Dots® Stitch Handheld Application MatrX® Glue Squares® Benchtop Equipment Inline Automation Visit gluedots.com/adhesives or call 888.688.7131 for more information. Custom patterns are available and subject to minimum quantities and tooling charges. Please call Glue Dots International for more information. © 2013 Glue Dots International. See us at Pack Expo Booth #S-5731 magenta cyan yellow black ES301725_PD1309_023.pgs 08.20.2013 05:17 UBM

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