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www.packagingdigest.com JUNE 2013 // NEW TECHNOLOGY 45 Putting All Your Eggs in Our 3PL Basket Bulk container liners The modified intermediate bulk container (IBC) form-fit liner now includes holes in the perforated flaps to help hold the liner in place during filling, keeping the liner squared. Once the form-fit liner is filled, the flaps can be detached and used with a winder for dispensing. The liners are suitable for applications such as top-fills using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom; high speed fills, and viscous products that would get caught in the folds of pillow-shaped liners. CDF Corp., 888-593-2212, www.cdf1.com Biodegradable film, pouches The BioFlex Pack is a biodegradable laminate for dry products. Components for the packaging are made from biodegradable materials including the adhesive and compostable according to European regulation EN 13432 and U.S. ASTM D6400. Approximately 70 days after disposal, 90 percent of the material will be composted. Suggested packaging applications include dry cereal or grains, tea and coffee products, powders or tablets, and wholesome or natural products. is a Good Investment Order off our menu of dependable integrated services: WAREHOUSING 4 1.6 million sq. ft. of total space 4 Approved Organic/AIB/CCOF/IFOAM CONTRACT PACKAGING (CA Only) 4 Clear film; Pre-printed film 4 In-store shippers; Bags/cartons 4 Club store packs; Gift packs 4 Private Labeling TRANSPORTATION 4 Coast-to-coast; DCs in CA, WI, NJ 4 LTL/TL; Intermodal; Railroad/Boxcar We service customers across a variety of industries and offer secure online, real time access to inventory, receipt and shipment information. Our flexibility across the board will help: Ampac, 800-543-7030, www.ampaconline.com Reduce shipment lead time Reduce inventories Decorated metal cans New Dynamark technology offers flexibility, speed and differentiation and can be integrated in existing printing processes for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans. The technology enables up to 24 different monochromatic graphic elements to be added to a defined vacant or supplemental area of the basic package graphics design. The technology is adaptable to large volume, as well as limitededition products. Ball Packaging Europe, +49 (0) 2102 130-451 www.ball-europe.com magenta cyan yellow black Improve inventory turns Point A To Point Be Sure From Scan Code for more information Noice-reducing puck The new Quiet Puck was developed by adding energy-absorbing material and bumpers to standard pucks, resulting in a noise reduction of 10 times the desible level emitted when standard pucks collide at the end of filling lines. The lowered noise level can help manufacturers meet OSHA's permissible exposure levels and reduce hearing protection costs. Advantage Puck Technologies, 814-664-4810 www.adv-puck.com wbwarehousing.com/3pl + Nor& + $! CA 9 % "!% ! + Ne( ! fi $se) & " $ # Truc ! ! ES257396_PD1306_045.pgs 05.29.2013 02:03 UBM

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