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44 NEW TECHNOLOGY // JUNE 2013 www.PackagingDigest.com new productsmaterials Biobased film Based on the bio-based EcoPaxx polyamide 410, new samples of the film are now available in 30, 40,and 50 microns. The films are suitable for flexible food packaging, medical and shipping applications. They are strong and transparent with a high puncture resistance and have a reduced moisture transmission rate vs polyamide 6 film, and a comparable oxygen barrier. Three grades of the film recently were given the Certified Biobased Product label awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture. These labels certify a proven biobased content of around 70 percent. DSM, 248-792-9136 www.dsm.com Resilient black ink The new Black Ink 3401 manufactured in HDPE and has a gently flared shape with softly rounded shoulders. The 24/410 neck takes a large selection of standard closures, and the appearance can also be changed radically by selecting different bottle colors or specialty finishes such as the co-ex soft touch or a pearlescent finish. This product is suitable for a wide range of markets, but its elegant shape makes it especially suitable for the premium sector. joins the existing range of MEK-free, ethanol-based inks. It offers drying time of one to three seconds on both porous and non-porous materials. It has superior light fastness and excellent adhesion and contrast on a range of materials including paper, card, plastic and flow wrap. Resistant across many substances, the ink is resilient to chemical splash from alkalis, acids, water, alcohol, petrol and cutting fluid, and is capable of heat resistance of up to 30 minutes at 300-deg C with no adhesion or color change. M&H Plastics, 540-504-0030 www.mhplastics.com Linx Printing Technologies, Ltd., +44 (0) 1480 302100, www.linx.co.uk Stylish bottle The 200-ml Eternal is Sealing tape The Corru-Grip carton sealing tape line has expanded. The line was originally designed for optimal closure of highly recycled corrugated cases, including 100 percent recycled content. The newest formulation can successfully seal boxes in wider ranges of temperature and humidity than traditional hot-melt carton sealing tape products. Dosing closure Responding to the call of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the DoseGuard system was created to prevent unintentional ingestion of liquid medications by children. The innovative design gives parents and caregivers the ability to prevent infants and toddlers from gaining unsupervised access to liquid medications. The system consists of two parts: a proprietary valved bottle adapter and oral dispenser. The oral dispensers are available in 0.5-, 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, and 20-mL sizes. The system works by inserting the dispenser into the valved bottle adapter to withdraw the product. After the product is dispensed, the system reseals and remains securely sealed. Intertape Polymer Group, 800-474-8273 www.itape.com Comar, 800-962-6627 www.comar.com TE rPET containers New Crystal Seal Tamper-Evident plastic thermoformed food containers in seven sizes from 8 to 64 oz are 100 percent recyclable with a patent-pending feature that helps minimize the potential of food tampering. The containers have no removable pieces, minimizing potential choking hazards, and offer a double-hinged tamper-evident design to eliminate the necessity for shrink bands or TE labels. They are produced with EcoStar rPET-F food-grade sheets manufactured with post-consumer recycled content from bottles and thermoforms. Placon 800-541-1535 www.placon.com magenta cyan yellow black ES257395_PD1306_044.pgs 05.29.2013 02:03 UBM

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